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A Smart Little Cookie

2 Dec

I decided as the weather gets worse and Marge is still tiny, I really needed to get her to come into the milk room and eat sweet feed with Chiffon and Venus.


The first day, I snuck up on her and caught her and carried her kicking and screaming to the milk room.  She decided that was okay once she saw the other girls in there

Venus and Chiffon

and realized she got sweet feed.

Although, I would have preferred she not climb all the way into the feed tub. (We’ve moved past that, and I wasn’t going to put her in there for a picture, but she did get all four feet in there.)

I told her I’d let her in to eat more the next day if she paid attention and came when I called.  After I got the rest of the goats their corn, I looked for Marge, but I didn’t see her.

Chiffon and Venus were getting impatient, so I turned to go feed them and then I saw Marge.  She was already standing at the door waiting.

She’s one smart, little Cookie!  Get it?

Marge, Cookie, and Chiffon

Cookie. Her mom’s name is Cookie.  Bwahahahahaha  Anyhow…

I now just call and I am tripping over all three of them as we walk to the milk room.

They are ready to go in before I can even get the door open.

Venus, Chiffon, and Marge

Little sweeties.

Go Away, Rain!

5 Oct

We’re still in the weather pattern of too wet.

We had over two inches of rain Tuesday into Wednesday, and we’ve and another round of heavy rain this morning.

Everything is miserable and muddy.  That means, I did not sell little boys today.  (Grumble, grumble, grumble.)

Xerxes, Mary, Gidget, and Tootles

I’m babying Chiffon because she was not doing well with the rain.  We couldn’t get her by herself in the barnyard to give her sweet feed, so she spent a couple of days shut in the milk room.


That made it fun to milk those cranky girls with the little kid in there.  I’ve built a small pen and moved Chiffon into the greenhouse.  I do think she’s looking a little better, but it’s always such a long road to recovery.  [Edit: I did just see her chewing her cud while I was doing chores, so that is an improvement!]

No, you may not join me in the soap room.

I still need to get everyone else copper.  Again, it’s not easy to do anything in the mud (especially take blog pictures).


18 Sep

One of the reasons I had to take a break from canning tomatoes was because of soaping.  I shared that I had sent a bunch of soap and lotion to a store in Des Moines, and that left a lot of empty space on my shelves.

I’m working on filling up those blank spaces.

Last weekend, I made eight batches of soap on Saturday.

I’m also working on keeping up with the milk from the goats.  I am getting just about a gallon a day from the five girls I’m milking.

I have to make lotion.

lotion making and soap making

I got a start over the weekend, but I still have more to make.  I will also get it back on my online market to ship to people.

The small town where I used to go to the farmer’s market is having their fall festival.  I’ll be taking my soaps and lotions there.

It will also be my first opportunity to take other items.  I’ve already sold a few sets of llama balls (for the dryer), so I need to make more and take them.

I’ll also take my knitted dish cloths and coasters.

I’ll also take my rugs.

It will be nice to get to set up and see everyone whom I used to see weekly throughout the summer.