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A Maintenance Weekend

20 Feb

This weekend was time for a lot of maintenance.  I had to give everyone copper again.

Caroline waiting to get her copper.

I did let a lot of them into the milk room.  I’m tired of chasing them down.  It’s just easier when they are in there.

Victoria eating her corn after the copper; Tux came in to supervise for a bit.

Except when I find something like this…a chewed up and spit out copper capsule. 

I am pretty sure this was from Cutie, so I gave her another one.  Even if it wasn’t from her, it won’t hurt her to have a little extra.

Doesn’t she look sweet and innocent?

A few did take it in a peanut. Thank heavens Xerxes loves his peanuts!


Others I had to catch while I was feeding grain.

Zora the Bratopotamus

It’s so much easier when they just take it in a peanut.  Anyhow, since I let a bunch of them in the milk room, I also did some hooves while I was at it.

Pretzel got her copper and then I did her hooves.

We have a couple days of warmer weather, so it was a good time to do their hooves.  Some really needed it badly; others were barely in need of a trim.  But it’s that many done before the next round of cold hits.

Sassy Girls

11 Jan

Some little girls are feeling pretty sassy with being stuck in the barnyard.


Ostara and Pretzel

Pretzel and Zora

There’s lots of playful fighting among them.  But my three girls who were in the garage are rather demanding about going into the milk room to eat every time I go through the door.

Ostara and Pretzel wanting me to go let them in.

Ostara trying to figure out how to get in without me.

It’s actually rather annoying. I am still fine with them coming in.

Heidi and Ostara fighting over one bowl–two more places to eat from.

I just wish they’d wait to be invited.  I’m pretty sure Zora doesn’t want back in there.


She is such a bratopotamus!  and a sassy girl.


11 Dec

I had to clean the milk out of the fridge again this weekend, so I decided to make mozzarella.

Since most of making cheese is slowly heating milk to the right temperature, I frequently multitask.  Saturday, it was letting Heidi and Dolly in to eat while I was letting the milk warm up.

Heidi has her pan and Dolly gets the big tub

Part of that is training Heidi to be a milking doe.  She gets her tummy rubbed while she’s eating so she gets used to my hands being down there.

Dolly just gets to eat because she’s Dolly. It works well until Heidi runs out of sweet feed in her little pan and wants to share with Dolly.

That is not the face of a goat who is willing to share her sweet feed.

And some goats wonder why they haven’t been invited in.

Ava kept calling to me to let me know she thought it was time to get milked.


Actually, they might distract me from getting things done sometimes.