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A Quick Storm

12 Jul

It’s crazy how our weather just keeps going from one extreme to another. We have been wet. It was so wet that I have had a hard time weeding the garden, and all my little zucchinis were rotting on the vine. Luckily, it dried off, but we went straight to really hot and no rain. At least my zucchinis quit rotting.

But my tomatoes are not looking good.

They are really dry. I’ve watered them, but I’m not sure I started soon enough. It was really quick to being too dry with all that heat.

There have been a few chances for rain, but it misses us. Yesterday afternoon there were more clouds coming in teasing me with a threat of rain. I was afraid to even hope we’d get some.

While I was watering last night, I did notice that my sweet corn was tasseling and starting to make ears. I think it looks pretty. You might notice I have an electric wire around the bottom to keep raccoons away. Hopefully, it works.

I also noticed that there was rain coming. I was happy about that, and I hoped the rain didn’t fall apart before it got here. That’s the way it has been happening.

By the time I got back to the house, we were under a storm warning. I decided to try and get my girls milked before the rain came.

I got Cinnamon and Cutie milked. Just as I kicked Cutie out and called to Ava, we started getting sprinkles.

Cutie heading to the barn, Avril, and Astra wanting her turn to be milked

I had just started milking Ava when it really broke loose. It was crazy loud with lots of hail.

Ava and I hung out in the milk room until it was over. Then I sent her out to the barn.

Then I went to make sure I still had all of my windows. Everything at home was fine.

Then it was time to head back up to the garden to see how it faired. The zucchini and potatoes were rather wind blown.

There were some holes in the leaves.

Some of the sweet corn was leaning a bit.

Luckily my field corn looked fine.

The sun came back out.

The goats were enjoying the leaves that were blown off the trees.


I am grateful for the rain, but we could really have done without the hail.

I’m Milking

22 Jun

I finally got Freddie and Fannie weaned by putting them on the front pasture with my newest moms.

Fannie and Freddie (they are not going to starve)

That means I started milking Ava.


That girl really gives me a lot of milk.  It’s no wonder Freddie is so big.

I have decided that it’s easier to wean by selling the kids right away. Ava has been a bit melodramatic.

She was refusing to give me her milk at first.  She’s doing better now, but I still think she’s holding it some.


Since I’m milking again, I’ve also spent some time cleaning in there.  I hate how muddy the milk room gets.

I thought I’d better start with just one goat to get my hands back in shape.  Cinnamon is coming in.  I hadn’t weaned six yet, but Cinnamon was not supposed to have a kid, and she is struggling with getting enough copper.

Cinnamon and Six

Astra also decided she should have her kids weaned so she can come in.

Let’s face it.  I have a whole long line of goats who want to come in and get milked despite not having any milk: Caroline, Haley, Cookie, Dolly, and Pluto are pretty much begging to come in every day.

Three generations of milking does: Dolly, Astra, and Pistol

And I still have Zinnia and Cutie to milk.


Later in the summer, I want to see if I can train Joy and Antigone.  Cupid is another possibility for training–she does like her food.

A Smart Little Cookie

2 Dec

I decided as the weather gets worse and Marge is still tiny, I really needed to get her to come into the milk room and eat sweet feed with Chiffon and Venus.


The first day, I snuck up on her and caught her and carried her kicking and screaming to the milk room.  She decided that was okay once she saw the other girls in there

Venus and Chiffon

and realized she got sweet feed.

Although, I would have preferred she not climb all the way into the feed tub. (We’ve moved past that, and I wasn’t going to put her in there for a picture, but she did get all four feet in there.)

I told her I’d let her in to eat more the next day if she paid attention and came when I called.  After I got the rest of the goats their corn, I looked for Marge, but I didn’t see her.

Chiffon and Venus were getting impatient, so I turned to go feed them and then I saw Marge.  She was already standing at the door waiting.

She’s one smart, little Cookie!  Get it?

Marge, Cookie, and Chiffon

Cookie. Her mom’s name is Cookie.  Bwahahahahaha  Anyhow…

I now just call and I am tripping over all three of them as we walk to the milk room.

They are ready to go in before I can even get the door open.

Venus, Chiffon, and Marge

Little sweeties.