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Spring Dreaming

28 Feb

I have several of my milking girls who are going to have spring break babies.


Along with being excited to meet their kids, I can hardly wait to start milking again!


Maybe I’ll have to give their kids cheese names, like Feta, and Mozarella.


What do you think?


I also have Astra kidding for the first time, and I think she’s one I’ll be able to milk.  She should be a good milker too.


This year, I’m also going to try to milk Cutie.

Cutie (with Aphrodite behind)

I didn’t milk her last year because she had Aphrodite with her.  I’m not sure what she’ll think of it, but she is one that passed through the MGIT program and loves her food.  That’s a good sign.


That’s My Milk!

28 Nov

That’s my milk, Athena!

Cinnamon and Athena

I still cannot convine Cinnamon and Athena that I should get all of Cinnamon’s milk.

And since Athena is much more efficient at milking than I am, she gets all the day milk.  I do still get milk from Cinnamon in the morning.

Haley waiting to get milked

All three of the girls I’m milking are drying up though.

I am getting less than a quart a day.  I’m thinking I might quit soon.  Like today might be my last day.

Putting Them Back Where They Belong

22 Oct

After just five days of having the boys and girls mixed, I put everyone back where they belong.  The three bucks are out in the front pasture.


I had thought of putting Harley back with everyone, but I had the thought that when she came into heat, there was a good chance a fat wether would jump on her, and that would kill her.  That means, she’s up with the little boys again.

Harley with Pluto and Anubis

I don’t know what I’m going to do with her when the little ones start to get ideas about breeding her.


I let the main herd–breeding, retired, and too young to breed–are all back together.


Moose, Bonnie, Dolly, Sidney, and LilyAnn

Of course, that means Athena is getting more of her maa’s milk than I am again.

Cinnamon and Athena

It’s not fair!