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Winding Down

18 Oct

Milking is really winding down.  I’m just milking Cutie and Zinnia now.

Zinnie wondering what’s taking so long to let her in

I’m getting a little over a quart a day.  It’s not enough to make any big batches of cheese or anything, so I’m freezing pint bags for Snickers and me.

morning milking

I have also been making lotion.  I am fully stocked with eleven fragrances.

Crisp Apple Rose and Southern Peach are new scents.

So far, I’ve also made fifteen batches of soap this fall.  Crisp Apple Rose is a new soap scent too.  I really like it.

I don’t think I’ve shared the link to my website in ages, so if you are interested in trying our soaps or lotions, you can click HERE.


I Quit

30 Sep

The second reason I did not take many pictures this past weekend is tomatoes and milk.  Seriously.  I’m not getting much milk from the girls right now, but it still adds up.

That means, I started Saturday by making three batches of mozzarella.  I also had to deep fry the mozzarella sticks that we made last weekend.  They’ve been in the freezer all week taunting me.

Then I switched to tomatoes.

This is my canning total for Saturday: 13 pints and 2 half-pints of roasted sauce; two pints and four quarts of cold pack tomatoes; and six pints and three quarts of tomato juice.

My basement is full. I’ve already given away two dozen pints of sauce/salsa.  I quit.  I refuse to do any more tomatoes this year!

That means I moved on to other garden items!  I chopped and froze some okra.

I started preparing and freezing butternut squash.  I did some for me and some for my uncle.

Someone had to check out the squash after I put the skins in the birds’ bucket.

Sky and Snickers

Snickers decided that it tasted yummy.

I pulled the last of the beets and shared them with my nephew.  I roasted and froze mine. Since my peppers didn’t do well, my sister sent me a bucket.

I’m still working on getting the peppers done.  I did take a break though, and made three batches of soap Sunday afternoon.

That includes a new fragrance–crisp apple rose.

Rainy Weekend

23 Sep

We had a really rainy weekend.


You can see the beans keep turning yellow.

The goats spent a lot of time stranded in the barn.

Daisy and Dahlia getting ready to cross the barnyard to the greenhouse

It makes milking a challenge.  They have to come from the barn to the milk room, which usually isn’t a big deal.

Fionn in the Love Shack and Zinnia in the barn door

But we have a design flaw that leaves a huge mud puddle in front of the milk room door. That means muddy udders. Luckily I ordered teat wipes that work well.


We’re working on getting that fixed.  It also means I had to double bag my foot. That didn’t even keep it perfectly dry (but not too bad).  Anyhow, with all this rainy weather and the work I did all weekend, I’m not sure how I’m going to do any blog posts this week.  It’s most likely going to be crappy cell phone pictures.

putting the geese in for the night

Hopefully tonight’s nicer weather will give me an opportunity to get out and take some pictures.