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Whose Next

22 Apr

Venus having that cute little oopsie baby has me concerned.  I had in my records that I hadn’t seen her in heat when I put her in to be bred for June babies.

Venus and Cody

I also have Purl and Margarita as not coming into heat even though I thought they should.  That means I just did some udder checks.  Margarita is definitely not kidding earlier than June.  I’m not sure she’s even having kids in June.  She might just have the year off, and I’m fine with that.


Purl is clearly making an udder.  I guessed her due date as June 6th based on the last time I saw her in heat; however, if she got bred (through the fence) on the last time I saw her come into heat, she would be due on May 17th.  I’m not sure because she’s got quite the little udder going on.


Just for comparison, I checked Caroline.  I know she was in with Xerxes twice–Making her due May 4th or May 9th.  Her udder is just barely starting.  I mean, she’s not that far away, so I’m almost a bit concerned with her.


It’s to the point that I’m almost happy that I know when Tansy broke in with the buck and she’s making a nice udder and I expect her to have her babies just like I expect.


I’m not a fan of the whole randomness we’ve had this year.  And hopefully, it will be warm enough to not put them in the garage by the time we get to the first week of May.

Saturday Afternoon

12 Apr

You know it’s a busy day when I’m still on Saturday afternoon. Since the goats were hanging out basking, I decided I’d take the opportunity to get my spring water ready.  I started by putting a tub out for the bucks.

Freddie was trying out the tub while it was still filling

It makes me smile to see Freddie being good to his little buck.

I also emptied the big tub and put a smaller one there and then added some buckets that the kids can drink from.


Brigit checking out the new bucket

But after a while, the goats quit basking and went out to pasture.

heading out to pasture

That let me go back to the rest of my plan.  I got Flower and Coral’s hooves trimmed and moved them up north.

Coral and Flower up north

Then I focused my attention on my poor garage.  I got the wheelbarrow out and the tire blown up and cleared from in front of the garage door.  I was impressed that the garage door opener worked perfectly once I got the sensor back in place.

Bob was my helper.

Bob Cat

But when I took my first load to dump, I ended up with someone thinking they were going to come and join me out in the driveway.


I decided I’d be better off waiting until Sunday morning when everyone was really out in pasture. It would be much easier to clean then.

I made a little progress!

It was long until the few goats who came back in wandered back out to pasture, and I decided it was time to put the goose in.

happy out in the barnyard

I felt bad about making her go back in the pen, so I treated her with a clean pool.

taking a bath

I think she forgave me.

Some of My April Fools

1 Apr

We have a lot of fools around here.


Antigone with Spunky and Spuds




Benji and Frodo basking; Lemuel snacking





Tiger (top and bottom views)

Tiger’s best side

If we still had Pistol it would be 4 generations; Instead it’s Dolly, her granddaughter Astra and great-granddaughter Perdita

Zinnia snacking on leftover hay


They do make me smile.