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Antigone’s Early Birds

16 Jun

Yesterday morning Antigone was off by herself.  That is a bit unusual, so I kept an eye on her.  Her due date was June 22nd (or 21st; I can’t remember if I accounted for it being a leap year).  I was sure of her due date because she was only with the buck a few hours because Hilda was being mean to her.  Then she went back into the garage with her mom, Pistol.

Pistol and Antigone

Anyhow, I kept checking on her out in pasture, and when she didn’t come up for sweet feed I got really suspicious.  I couldn’t get her to come to the buck room at all.  Since it was getting fairly late in the evening, I began to figure out a pen and how I could get her up to the buck room.  It’s not easy to lead a polled goat–no horns to hang on to and collars slip off.


Anyhow, I got a pen ready and found an old calf halter and went to bring her up.  I was too late.  She already had one baby, so I waited until number two arrived.

She was being a really good mom.

After a few minutes of bonding, I picked the two girls up, and she followed me up to the buck room.

This way she could have some quiet bonding time with her new babies.

As a first timer, she was a bit nervous and was struggling with letting her kids nurse, but she’s got the hang of it now.

Today they are fat and sassy little girls.

Doe #1

Doe #2

And she’s my last one for June babies!

Coming in June

29 May

Well, it has certainly been a crazy kidding year with all the oopsie babies.  We are finally reaching my second round of planned kids–June babies.


We only have three girls left to have babies.  I decided Fionn wasn’t able to get the job done, and Joani isn’t going to kid this year.  That’s fine.  She raised three last year, so she’s entitled to a year off.


Caroline was supposed to have babies, but she managed not to settle also.  As naughty as she’s been this spring, I am threatening her with getting sold or eaten (remember, I’m a vegetarian), but she is totally not concerned.


Aphrodite was in heat just as I put her in with Zeus.  If she settled, she’s due June 10th.  If she didn’t settle right away, she’ll be due June 30th.


Hilda is due June 20ish.  She’s huge.  Really huge.  Maybe if she has triplets, I’ll have to help one with bottles and make it a tame keeper girl.

Oh, Hilda…

Finally, Antigone will have her first kids on June 23rd.  Well, that’s when she’s due.


Then we’ll be done! Unless…

Flip-Flopping a Couple of Goats

22 May

Blaze’s foot has fully healed.  She is doing well and kind of picking on the other girls on the front pasture with her, so I threw her back into the big herd.


Of course, her little girl, 2TC, joined her out there.

Blaze, 2TC (and I don’t know who the other one is)

In her place, I put Margarita on the front pasture.  She is due today!

Margarita (Seven and Joy in the background)

She will also get along fine with Antigone and Joy.

Antigone, Joy, and Seven

Seven will be happy to have new kids to play with.


Soon I’ll try to add Aphrodite to the front also, but I haven’t been able to catch her yet.