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Too Much Like Daddy

18 Apr

Spuds might be cute. He might be photogenic.

Spuds Osboer

But he is way too much like his daddy, Xerxes.

Xerxes (with Frodo and Benji behind)

He is already the most wild little thing you could ever imagine.

Spunky in with Frodo; Spuds on the right side of the fence

He and Lady and Tramp ended up back on the front pasture and couldn’t figure out how to get back to their moms, so I caught Lady and Tramp and dumped them over the fence.

Lady, Tramp, and Spuds

They are not tame, but I caught them and they were grateful for lunch.

Hera with Lady and Tramp on the Back Forty

Spuds decided he would rather drop dead from utter exhaustion than let me anywhere near enough to touch him.  I’m sure of that, but I wore out well before he did.  So be it little dude.  I decided he was on his own.  Don’t worry.

Spuds and Spunky with Antigone

He did eventually get back to the right side of the fence without my help.

Getting Ready for Oopsie Babies

14 Apr

Sunday afternoon I shut Aphrodite in the Love Shack.


She was not happy at all about being shut in alone, but when you decide to bust in with the buck and get bred at an unauthorized time, you get shut somewhere that is easy for my mom to check while I’m at work during the day.

Not to mention it’s easier for my middle of the night checks.  Add to that the weather was looking rainy and stormy and then cold for the week, and she got shut in.

Well, Monday I got a text from my mom saying the goats were in the field again.  Bless her. She followed my directions and put them in for me.

Then I got home and found that Perdita (did I even find time to share that she ditched her horn apparatus) was stuck in the lane fence and Aphrodite apparently jumped the Love Shack fence because she was out in pasture.

Perdita with a new horn apparatus

Add to that a likely severe weather event on Tuesday evening, and I made a change.  I shut Aphrodite in the garage when I caught her.

I also had the Ranger back in the garage due to the potential storms.

Antigone, my wimpy little mama and her babies got the Love Shack.

Antigone and kids so she can get inside and be safe.

I also set up for a night in the safe room soap room.  When I got home on Tuesday evening, everyone was where I had put them, and I moved the cats and dog and me into the soap room.

Tiger, Rocky, and Salem

That way it would be easy to check Aphrodite too.  Well, it did actually work out well.  Sort of… I was awake pretty much all night between the cats fighting and the dog snoring and the bucks being mean and the storm.  Really, I got so tired of Bob growling, and I was a bit nervous.  I finally threw him into the garage with Aphrodite.

Then I realized that Xerxes was being a jerk and refusing to let Frodo and Benji into the buck room.  I went and opened the door and called to them.  They came rushing past the bucks and into the garage.  They were very grateful.

Xerxes, Freddie, Frodo, and Benji on pasture together

Then the storm hit.  But the three goats, cat, and wild bird in the garage were safe, and the three cats, dog, and me in the soap room were safe.  Luckily, the severity of the storm had died down a bit before it reached us.

Somewhere in there Rocky decided to be crazy and start his wacko scratching at the door.  And would. not. stop.  Finally, I gave up and took the dog and went back to the house.


And when I went back out in the morning to get the animals all where they belong, Aphrodite was still just lounging there and no baby.

But she was still shut in and could not get out of the garage! And mom was coming to check her again during the day.

The Rest of the Story

11 Apr

Well, once I had the goats out of the bean field and everyone together in the barnyard, I started cleaning up my messes.  I remembered I had Flower and Coral in the garage, so I opened it so they could at least go back in the small buck pen.

Coral and Flower in the pen; Freddie outside

I had to get my grain pitcher that I had left with the bucks. Then I decided I needed to scoop enough of the hay in the garage to close the door between the garage and the buck room.

When I got that done, I grabbed my camera to go back to the house and sit down for a few minutes. Instead I walked out the milk room door and saw that I had forgotten to use the chain on the chicken pen door.

Bambi coming out (Notice the goofy peacock is still just dancing happily)

Moose!  Brat.

Moose and Haley

I got everyone chased out of there and counted the hens.  I had all eleven of them and the peacock where they belonged.

But my goose was out in the barnyard.  Well, she was the least of my worries at that time.

I fastened the door properly and then went to the house to rest.  But I had no sooner gotten inside and called my mom to tell her what brats the goats were than I looked out the window and saw 2TC.


Why?  She’s never been stuck. The bucket of water has been there for weeks.  Seriously.  I swear.  All this chaos also messed with my plan of getting the moms back in the herd while they are out in pasture because it makes them less likely to fight with each other.

Antigone and Perdita

Luckily, there were just a couple of spats, which is always a concern when I return goats to the main herd.

Tommy watching his mom, Athena, and Astra fighting

Anyhow, all the goats were hanging out and I couldn’t finish doing what I needed to do, so I really did get to take a break.

Cupid feeding Brigit and Ostara

Xerxes and Freddie on the hill

Tommy and Claire

a whole lane full of goats


Hilda and Shellie

And the goats were pretty content to chill in the barnyard.