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Hide-And-Goat-Seek Has Begun!

14 Jun

It never fails.  When I let the moms with June babies out into pasture, it’s a never ending game of hide-and-goat-seek.  It started Wednesday when I let Zinnia, Daisy, and Aphrodite out.  For some reason, even though Bambi was never shut in, she has not taken Lucky back out to pasture.  Maybe she’s afraid the Uber would be late again and they’d be stuck out there after dark.

Bambi and Lucky

Anyhow…I decided to skew the game in my favor. I shut the gate across the Back Forty, so they really didn’t have near as much territory to lose their kids.  Also, the grass is shorter on the part of the pasture I left them on.  You might call it cheating.  I call it a good idea.

I checked all three new moms and saw they had their babies with them.  Then I milked. Of course, that got the whole herd coming on a run when I called for the two girls I needed to milk.

Astra “It’s not my fault. You told me to come get milked.”

As soon as I finished cleaning up, I went back out to pasture and saw Daisy and Zinnia with their babies, but Aphrodite was fighting with Hera.

Hera and LilyAnn (I did not have my camera with me, so this is Hera trying to fight with LilyAnn right after I let them all out together.  Do we see a pattern?)

I searched and searched starting where I had last seen the herd, and viola!  There she was.  I just brought her back to the barnyard.

Selfie (forgot to take a picture of her sleeping sweetly snuggled in a log)

Aphrodite figured it out after she got done with her girl fight and came up for the evening.

Aphrodite and daughter after being reunited

Then I had to run an errand, and as soon as I got back, I went to see if Daisy and Zinnia had their girls with them.  Everyone was just getting back from pasture, and Zinnia was right there with Joy.

Zinnia (yes, you are a good mom) and Joy

Daisy was standing in the barnyard yelling out to pasture.  Sigh.  Off I went towards where I had last seen them. She was not too difficult to find.

Dahlia (I remembered a picture this time!)

To her credit, Daisy did come out to pasture to help.  Still, it wasn’t hard for her to find Dahlia when I was already standing beside her.  Since I was already out there, I gave her a lyft back to the barnyard, and Daisy followed us.

That makes the score Farmer Teresa: 2; Goats: 0.  Although, a couple days before I might have lost Hera and frantically searched the perimeter of the Back Forty a time or two until I was too exhausted to walk any farther only to be ready to get the Ranger and go back out when I noticed her happily standing behind the barn door. Well played, Hera.  Well played.  I will concede that point.

Hera hiding behind the barn door acting all innocent

Farmer Teresa: 2; Goats: 1


They are Stubborn

7 May

Since everyone ran to the barnyard instead of coming to me when I was trying to let them into the back pasture to eat, I gave up.  When I got to the hill outside the barnyard, everyone was standing around looking confused.

I tried calling to them.

Stormy in front, Flower, Moose, Casey behind

I even led Myson for a ways and then gave up.

Athena headed the wrong way

Finally, Antigone couldn’t stand it, and she left the herd to follow me. Then her mom and Myson came

Antigone, Myson, Pistol

Soon, everyone was following!


We made it to the gate!

That was way more work than it should have been.

The Rest of the Moving

21 Apr

Along with getting all the goats back together, I wanted to move Aurora to the big pasture too.  I finally had to go bribe her with food to get her to come up and through the barnyard to join everyone else.

Hopefully, the girls can all get along.

Aurora, Odie, and Maybeline

After I moved Aurora, I could let Tony and Pluto out of the garage.

Tony and Pluto

It’s about time.  They’ve been in there since the first of the year.

Pluto is such a little cream puff.  He was sick last fall and has been shut up, so he’s really got no muscles.


The first thing Tony did was to find a place for a good dust bath.

I also wanted to get my big boys back on the front pasture so that my north paddock can grow.

Xerxes, Fionn, Zeus, and Anubis

Thankfully, they are easy to move.

Everyone seems to be getting along.

Zeus and Pluto

They are enjoying all the green grass too.