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Still Here

20 Nov

Look who’s still here!

Yep, Simon and Howie.

Simon and Howie

The girls are still here too.

Crystal and Mini (Terry was in the Love Shack with her maa)

So is Freddie.


I texted my nephew on Thursday to see if I needed to catch the last little girls and get them penned to load out Saturday morning, and he informed me that the truck we needed to pull the trailer was leaking “copious amounts of oil.”

Zinnia with her girls Barbie (front) and Jeanie

Simon (OMGoatness! That little beard is too cute!)

That means I don’t know how long they will be here.

If it warms up, I can take the littles in my truck, but I have to have the trailer for Freddie.

Zora, the Bratopotamus

And if it takes too long, I’ll actually be able to catch Zora.

A Fight

25 Oct

I couldn’t get Freddie sold this past weekend, so I very carefully and sneakily worked to get him put back on the front pasture with Xerxes and Frodo.

Frodo is my good boy.

I am pretty sure Perdita and Purl were quite happy to be back with the main herd.

Perdita back in pasture

Freddie and Xerxes had to fight.

Freddie and Xerxes

I did keep an eye on them to make sure it wasn’t too serious.  After all, they do like each other, but they just have to fight when you put them back together, and with bucks in rut it isn’t always good natured.

Freddie is a mess between rut and cockle burrs

I can take care of the boys in there without me having to get too close to Freddie.  He’ll be okay in there.

Then I’m going to try to make an arrangement to use a trailer to haul the rest of the goats to be sold to the sale barn at one time.


I just have to wait for Mini to be past the withdrawal time for her wormer.

Benji and Myson

And poor Benji is just going to have to stay in the greenhouse jail until then.

More Kids Leave

13 Sep

Friday evening, I worked to catch more kids.  I finally got ten goats penned for Saturday morning load out, but they are getting harder to catch.

Kids penned and other kids checking them out.

Of course, the first goat I managed to catch was Sylvia.  I really thought about keeping her, but I’m tired of goats who won’t let me touch them, so I did load her.

Sylvia and her twin sister Simone

I also caught Jack, who was born in June, the boys from up north, Simone, Gemma, Pinta, and Greta.   They made a pretty full load.

Popcorn always likes load out day because he comes out into the driveway and eats.  This boy is spoiled.


Anyhow, I put Popcorn back in the barnyard and headed for the sale barn.

I arrived at a good time because there was just two trailers in front of me (there was a longer line when I left), so I didn’t have to wait long at all.

Of course, every time I looked in the rear view mirror all the way down, I got to see cute little Sylvia. Dang brat.

I backed up to the chute, and had them unloaded before they came to help me, and I was on my way again.

I thought I’d try milking Cutie since I took both of her girls, but she really doesn’t have much milk.  She’s looking a bit run down, so she is not getting milked.

Cutie Pie

Zinnia is not letting her girl nurse since I sold Jack.  She has a decent amount of milk, so I’ll milk her too, to help fill up my freezer.  It was a good thing to get the kids sold. I have one more trip of kids from this year.