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Starting the Good-byes

7 Jul

Friday night I penned several of my March kids.

I got the pen that my dad made loaded in the back of my truck.  I have to say it’s kind of awesome that I did not have to borrow a truck to sell kids this time.

I still had to have one of my nephews come help me.  Why would I have to have help if I got the big pen loaded by myself?

Gouda and his maa, Hilda

Gouda.  Gouda is huge.  There is no way I was going to load that big Gouda boy by myself.


Anyhow, with the kids sold, I will hopefully no longer have to get heads out of fences (Sacagewea and Darling).  I also sold Cutie’s girl, Bianca.

Cutie and Bianca

That means I got to milk her again. The third time must be the charm because she did actually let me milk her.  She rather sat on my lap which makes it a bit awkward, and she wouldn’t let it all down, but we’ll get there.


Since I sold some of the kids from the north paddock, I figured I could add one up there.  I finally weaned Snow White.  She was not happy about it.

Snow White

We’ll see how milking Caroline goes.  The first attempt wasn’t very pretty, but we’ll see… This morning, she was much better!

Oh and we’re milking in a newly painted milk room.

Well, the floor looked good for a little bit.


Now that I’ve actually milked in there, it’s not quite so clean.  But it’s still a lot better than it was!


Changes in the Herd

14 Jan

Last night I caught my June kids that needed to be sold and penned them in the Love Shack.


Well, Strawberry and Vanilla were in the yard, and I left Red out because I had to spend the night steeling my heart to selling him.


Of course, I woke this morning to the kids crying because their moms were going out to pasture without them.  That means Red was going out to pasture.  After I spent so much time telling myself how I want the herd to be smaller and I don’t need another wether, well, he’s still here.  We’ll see if I get motivated to actually take him to the sale some Saturday.



Y0u might noticed that I said Strawberry was leaving.  Well, I was going to keep her, but, like I said, I do want the herd to shrink in size.  I also decided to make a selection that has a better build.  Just so you don’t think I’ve turned all good livestock farmer, I also wanted to keep this girl because I retired her mom (bad livestock farmer) and I just wanted to keep her last girl.  Princess is staying here!

Litha and Princess

Litha and Princess

I also kept Bambi’s girl, Daisy.  I think she’ll be a good milker.  She’s grown really well too.



Of course, I am keeping Ava as a milk doe also.  She’s been such a little stinker lately (a throwback to her great-grandma Meg’s personality).  She’s been butting all the other kids (especially Elmer).



I thought Ava might like company since she is by herself right now, so I put Cutie in the barnyard (she lost her two yard kid companions too), but Ava was being a little stinker to her.  Ava about knocked Cutie off her feet.

Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie

Hopefully, everyone will adjust quickly.

Hello and Good-Byes

25 Jun

Well, we’re done waiting on Bambi.  I figured yesterday morning when I saw her separating herself from the herd that she would kid around 5pm.  Why 5pm?  Well, that’s when I was supposed to be at the farmer’s market.

Bambi Blackboer

Bambi Blackboer

My mom texted me at 4:56 that “no one is here”  which translated into baby number one is here.  I was a bit confused at first.

Daisy Osboer

Daisy Osboer

Then it was quiet.  No texts until I finally asked.  She wasn’t sure.  It turns out that she did exactly like last year.  She had one big baby girl!  This one might be the reason I had to put a disclaimer out there when I said I was only keeping one goat this year.

Bambi Doe_9862ews

After the market and meeting Bambi’s little girl and milking, I sorted off all my January/March kids and Hazel.


This morning, my awesome neighbor from Broken Barn Farm came and we loaded them on her trailer and she took them to the sale for me.


It seems a much more manageable number of goats now that there are fifteen fewer on the farm.  Well, except we now have 18 June babies running around and two more girls to kid the first week of July.

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