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Dust Baths

4 Jul

Llamas love to take dust baths.

Odie and Aurora

It keeps their fiber clean and separated and prevents bugs.

Maybeline just enjoying the sun

I’d guess it also just feels good; although, I’m not going to try it.

Aurora in the “dust” bowl

But what happens when your llama takes a bath in their nice dust bowl after an inch of rain?

She gets mud-caked.

I think she might have felted herself.


Cranky Girls

23 Jun

Maybeline seems to have settled down a bit since being sheared for summer.  She will actually let me pet her and she’s been more friendly again.


She was just standing in the barn yesterday, minding her own business.  I was just sizing her up to try and decide if she’s going to have a cria or not.

Then I went out and admired Aurora.  I have to do that every time I see her.


I also saw Odie and wondered if she was going to have a cria.


Then I went to check on Vinnie and heard a noise.  I went to the barn, followed closely by Aurora who seems to have become my shadow.  When I looked in it was all necks flailing and spit flying.

I don’t get it.  Seriously.

The New Knitting Obsession

15 Jun

I finally finished Maybeline’s rug.


I am happy with how it turned out, but I am afraid to use it.  I’d hate to get it dirty, and I know how hard the dog and my barnyard is on my floors.  And I still have to finish it so that it stays neat. I’m still trying to decide the best way to do that wet finish.

I want to do another rug with her cored yarn, but I want to do a big round one.  So I’m starting small.

I’m getting really good at coasters.

They actually work well too!

I tried a little bigger circle with a thicker yarn and my biggest double pointed needles.

It’s big enough you get to see the design (when the cat’s not sitting on it).

I am currently trying to figure out how to keep the edge from curling up when I finish it.  I think I figured that out.

The next step was to get giant double pointed needles.  My dad helped with that! I was going to use the yard stick to show you how big they are, but you can clearly see they are Snickers-minus-the-tail in length.  They would be considered 16mm needles.


I really wanted to do a test rug before using the cored yarn from Maybeline, so I foudn some super chunky yarn on clearance.

It was easy to start it.

Then it was time to go into the round and add the other two needles to the process.

That did require a bit more coordination.

You can see the difference from my coasters.  These two circles are at the same point in the process.  The coaster needles are 5mm.

Finally, it was done!

(before finishing the tail)

Snickers was helpful through the whole process.

Insepctor Snickers

I think I’m ready to start one with Maybeline’s wool!