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Other Happenings Around the Farm

5 Jan

My nephew brought their Christmas tree to the goats.  They thought it was a fabulous tree-t.

Zinnia, Caroline and Hera

The next day, I had to turn it over because the only green left was on the bottom.

Maisie checking it out after I turned it over

It didn’t last long.

Dolly and Astra enjoying the treet

I took advantage of the nice weather over break and gave everyone another round of copper.  It was time.  They hadn’t had it since the first part of November.

Sisters Rosie and Purl

The first day, I had a lot of them swarming the milk room.  It gets hard to control the chaos when they all want in.

Cupid (some day I should wash the hoof prints off the window)

I am impressed that my evil plan worked.  I grabbed Zora while she was eating and drug her to the milk room.

Zora eating with maa, Daisy

She was too mad to even try eating any sweet feed, but she got her copper and she got her hooves trimmed.

I did not try to kill you, Zora. Quit telling tales.

It wasn’t so traumatic for her that I couldn’t pet her again by the next day.  She really is a brat.

On the first, I decided I couldn’t put off scooping any  longer.

Ava in front of my door that was snowed shut

I am way too old to be tossing bales through and then me climbing over the Dutch door.  So I chipped away and got it cleared enough that I could get me and a bale through it.

The girls were interested in what I was doing.  Not that they care how I get the hay out as long as I feed them.

Tansy, Onyx, Cupid, Flora, and 2TC

Another thing I did over break was spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I used the bags of vegetables I froze in the fall and canned a lot more vegetable stock.

I did a total of ten quarts and thirteen pints. Hopefully, it will last me until next fall.

June Babies

4 Jan

Last year was really hard on the girls and kids with so many of them being born in June.  When I talked to my vet, he said it was the same with his sheep–they thrive when they are born early in the spring, but struggle when they are born later.

Cutie ended up with horrible bottle jaw last summer raising her big buck.

If you remember, I didn’t have a lot of girls settle for spring break.  Okay, I think there’s ten for spring break.

I think Purl will give me one of my last Freddie babies (standing with Pluto)

But they were all coming back into heat for Easter weekend, so I am planning on a lot of them that weekend. I think there’s thirteen for that long weekend.

I think Bubbles is due April 9th.

So who does that leave for June babies?  Well, I’ve decided to give Astra the year off.  She really struggled with her babies last June, so I’m not going having her kid in June this year.

Astra munching hay with daughter Perdita (due in March with Freddie babies)

I haven’t seen Chiffon come back into heat since I put her in for Easter weekend, so I’m not sure on her.  Same thing as Astra though.  If she’s not bred for Easter, she’ll get the year off.

I think Chiffon is due for Easter

The two I know need to be bred and will get put in with Frodo are Zinnia and Trace.  This is Trace’s last chance before I decide she’s a freemartin.  Then I have to make the decision on whether or not to keep a goat I can’t touch (and maintain).

Trace (butting heads with Athena)

I’m not sure what’s going on with Ostara. As a little girl, she is not hanging out with the bucks when she comes into heat.  But she had the little incident of getting a shot to make sure she wasn’t bred and then busting back onto the other side with Benji, and then I couldn’t catch her to take her out. So I have no idea what’s going on with her.  We’ll see.


And then there’s Pretzel.  Because she’s young, she’s not quite so obvious when she’s in heat, so I thought she was bred, but I wasn’t sure.


Well, she aborted over winter break.

That tiny bit of blood; she was not very far along.

I don’t know why.  But she’ll have some time to recover.  I might put her in with Frodo to see if she’ll settle for later in the summer.  We’ll see.

A Friday Photodump

23 Dec

This post was supposed to be for last Thursday, but weather and other stuff interrupted it being posted, so I’ve added some more pictures, and we’ll call it good.


Pretzel was just perfect wearing the Santa hat.

The llama lladies in the barn.

Maybeline and Odie

Moose still checks the gate to the birds’ pen every day.  Brat. Although, he does actually act like a gentleman and open it for me sometimes.  He really does.


Ostara is pretty much letting me pet her all of the time.  And she really likes to come in the milk room; although, she is so much Boer I’m not sure she’d milk really well.


Zora is a bit calmer.  I can usually touch her while I’m out feeding everyone.  I’ll keep working on petting and petting more and hopefully, she’ll just settle down.  I can dream.


Cutie and Zinnia look so much alike I have a hard time telling them apart without actually paying attention.  It’s easier since I cut off Cutie’s beard because of the burrs.

Cutie and Zinnia–half sisters.

At least Ava is easy to tell apart with her black spot.


Popcorn–just because he’s so stinking cute.

Heidi was really good about wearing the hat too, but it was just too big for her.

Seriously, isn’t she cute?

I postponed Bob’s appointment for blood work because of the weather. It will still get done soon.

And we’ll close with the llama lladies out in pasture.

Odie and Maybeline

Have a great weekend!