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Kidding Catch Up

10 Apr

It’s been really busy, and I am totally sleep deprived and crazy with video meetings. Wednesday, I ran out to pasture to check my girls before I had to do a video meeting, and I found that Sidney had twins.  Now, it’s not a big deal for them to have babies in pasture as long as I get them up before dark.  But it was crazy windy with a cold bite to it on Wednesday, and her babies were already getting chilled.  I ran back to the house (Okay-I’m old. I ran and then mall-walked so I didn’t have a heart attack), jumped in the truck and drove around as close as I could get without freaking her out.  I put the babies in the back seat, and she was a good mom and followed, but she would not go in on her own, so I had to heft her into the back seat.  Then I gave them a lift up to the garage.

Sidney and her kids after getting warmed up

Luckily, they warmed up quickly, and Sidney is a good mom.

Sidney and her doe

They are both doing well now.

Sidney’s buck

Sidney’s doe

The next morning, it was the same thing.  I had to do a quick run to pasture to check my girls before a video meeting.  This time, I saw Daisy lying right on the edge of the ditch where there’s plenty of water running right now.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera.  This might be a good time to review where Daisy has tried having her babies.

Year One:  On the workbench.

Daisy 2018

Year Two:  On the compost pile.

Daisy 2019

This girl does not do a good job of picking where to give birth.  I called to the rest of the herd, and bless her crazy, wild heart, Daisy came up.  I caught her and shut her in the greenhouse.  Just a short time later, she had twins!

Daisy with her twins

She also kept with the trend of the buck/doe combination.

Daisy’s buck

Everyone is doing well.

Daisy’s doe

Here’s LilyAnn’s little girl all dried off.

LilyAnn and Tish

Hera’s bucks are doing well.

Hephaestus (aka Festus)

I swear that girl’s udder is going to explode as full as it is.

Hera and Ares

Here are Cupid’s Tiger and Tansy as a bonus.  That’s all the Zeus oopsie babies so far this week.

Tiger (back) and Tansy

Now I just have Cinnamon to kid, and then I have a nice break.


Until my May oopsie babies.

Classification of Oopsie Babies

3 Apr

I have to do a bit of classification with the oopsie babies this year because there are so darn many of them.  Technically, I suppose you could call an oopsie baby any baby that was not part of my planning.  The bucks kept busting through my fence.

Fionn, Xerxes and Astra

That means Wanda’s kids would be oopsie babies because I put her with Fionn, but she ended up being bred by Xerxes.


But she was bred; she had them over spring break; I guess it’s not a big deal about who’s the daddy. I don’t even consider that an oopsie baby really.


Now the other two things that make an oopsie baby are when they are due and whether or not their mom was supposed to even have kids at all.  Those two things are very important.


I had planned on breeding Maisie this year, but I never want to have kids before spring break.  It’s just too cold.

Uno freezing in February

Blaze was going to retire this year because of the mastitis she had last year.  When I retire a goat, it’s for a reason–age or health.  2TC was also born before spring break, so she’s a double oopsie baby.

Blaze and 2TC

Mary was going to either take a year off or retire.  She is working hard to raise her two; although, she’s not doing too badly.

Mary feeding Quatro and Trace

Bambi was strictly going to retire because of her age. At ten, she’s the oldest one having a kid this year. I assume she’ll be fine, especially since she only has one.

Cinquain and Bambi

Those four girls have given me Uno, 2TC, Trace, Quatro, and Cinquain.


You might have noticed that Astra had oopsie babies, but her kids didn’t get number names.  They really are oopsie babies, but I planned on breeding her; she just had them at the wrong time–after spring break and before June babies.

Avril, Joker, Jester

Since I didn’t want to have to come up with twenty number names, I decided I’m only number naming the kids whose moms were not supposed to have babies at all.


That means I’ll have two oopsie baby counts: the ones who get numbered (5 so far) and those who were just at different times (3 so far).

Blaze, grandbaby Bronc, and 2TC

That means, so far I have a total of eight oopsie babies.  And after next week, there will be a lot more.

Sidney and Hera (Haley in the background)

With all of Zeus’s shenanigans, next week is like “second spring break.”  Hera, Daisy, Sidney, LilyAnn, Cupid, and Cinnamon are all due.


Cinnamon’s will be the the only numbered name(s).


Although, since Hera was bred by her twin brother, I could possibly count that one as an oopsie baby because of who bred her and when she’s due.


So much for sleeping all night again.

What Have I Done?

19 Feb

With Maggie aborting, it threw me into a panic of who else might be bred. I spent some time last weekend doing udder checks–feeling udders to see who might be pregnant.  There’s no need to check Blaze.  I just need her to pop those oopsie babies out so I can quit getting up at two in the morning.


No need to check Gidget either.  She’s obviously due for spring break, just like I planned.

Joani, Gidget, Cutie, Bubbles

I checked all my little girls, and they are good–no udders growing.  Well, except, I couldn’t truly check Bubbles because she threw a hissy fit and wouldn’t let me touch her, but I will keep trying to check her.


Her maa, however, is another story.  Mary is definitely making an udder.


I also think Joani is going to have kids well before June.  You might recall, she just spent time with Fionn to get bred.  I think that was a waste of time now.


I’m guessing she’ll be due around the other girls who Zeus bred for the first week of April.

Cupid and Hera are both expecting the first part of April (and making udders)

I was suspicious about Cookie a while ago, so I felt her again, and I am afraid she is pregnant.  She really struggled last year, so I had no intention of breeding her.  Like Maggie, she’d been given a shot to prevent it.


Then I checked Dolly because I know she shouldn’t be bred.  I gave her two or three shots (every dang time Zeus got out).  I really hate to say it, but she feels like she’s making an udder.

Pluto (her last kid) and Dolly

She’s going to be twelve this summer.  At this point, I began wondering if I was wrong and just couldn’t tell if they were making an udder.  I hope I’m wrong.

I checked Litha and Stormy and Bonnie and Harley–all goats I’ve seen in heat.  Not making an udder.


Luckily, Coral, who has never had a baby, isn’t making an udder.

Coral (Reva behind her is due for spring break)

I didn’t check Penny because she hurts me when I touch her udder, but I’ll try to sneak a feel when I can find an opportunity.


All these really old girls (or the ones I was just planning on retiring), are getting extra care (food and copper).



I hope it’s enough.  I really do wonder if the bottle of lutalyse was bad.  I’ve never had it fail before.