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The Rest of Zeus’s Girls

18 Oct

Part V, the final post, on making spring break babies:  I shared that I put Caroline and Wanda with Zeus, but he also got some more girls.

Annie, Caroline, Zeus, Sidney (in front), Wanda and LilyAnn (in back)

I put LilyAnn in there, but she was just coming out of heat, so I don’t believe there is any way she’ll get bred.  We’ll try it again for June.


Then there’s Sidney.  She might or might not come into heat because she was just in heat last week.


I was also guessing the shot was too soon since Margarita’s last time of being in heat, but she did come into heat.  We’ll see if she settles.


Even though he has six girls with him, I’m not sure he’ll have more than Annie, Wanda, and Caroline that come into heat.

Zeus and Sidney

At least he’s interested.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be cute too.


And So It Begins

13 Oct

Last night I started plans for making spring break babies.  I wanted to just do everything last night, but there’s not enough time in the evenings after I get home.  Besides, with all the rain, the goats prefer to stay out in the pasture until they have to come up.  But I got things ready to go.  The first thing was to move Harley and the boys to the Love Shack.

Pluto, Harley and Anubis

The boys aren’t too happy with the small  pen, but they are not big enough to do a buck’s job yet.  That means hanging out with their honorary granny goat.

Anubis and Pluto

I kicked Antigone out so she could just be with her mom again.


I noticed that Caroline was in heat.  Since they are only in heat for about a day, I decided I had to put her in with the buck if I wanted her to have spring break kids.  I put her up north where Harley had been.

Sweet Caroline

Then I caught Zeus and threw him in with her.  He still looks like such a kid!  Hopefully he’s up to the task.


As I was finishing, I saw Wanda was starting to flag (wag her tail at the boys), so I threw her up there too.


That means we’ve already started!  Woo hoo!  Spring break 2019!

Holy Hormones!

11 Oct

I will be glad when I get a bunch of my girls bred for spring break babies.  The hormones are bit crazy with all these girls coming into heat.

Litha, Stormy and Hilda

They are literally fighting over the bucks.

Xerxes and Zeus watching Litha and Stormy fight.

Crazy goats.  They are twins.  They are ten.  They are not getting a buck.  They are retired.  At least Hilda is smart enough to stay out of the fight.

Fionn (and Zeus) watching the girls

I can’t get Maybeline and Odie to look at Tony and these old, retired ladies are fighting over the bucks.  Figures.