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The Horns of Shame

11 Jul

I really hoped that selling Loki would end kids getting heads stuck in the fence.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.

“Hmmm, I bet I can reach that one piece. And if I get stuck, the human is here to help me out again.” -Zeus

Zeus and Hera got to be just as bad as Loki.  I don’t know what it is with the kids this year.  It’s been like eight years since I’ve had such persistent kids.  I had to do something because of my plan to leave the farm for an entire day (gasp).

Hera (front), Zeus (behind), and maa Gidget who just lets her kids stick their heads through the fence (last)

I got creative with tent stakes, wine airlock bungs, candle mold sealer, and duct tape.

I think this will do the job. It’s pretty lightweight, the rubber bungs shouldn’t poke anyone.  I pushed as hard as I could on the ends and didn’t get poked by the stake.  I think it’s all good!

It doesn’t seem to bother them at all.  Although, I might recommend to Gidget that she wean them.  It’s time.  Trust me.

It might be wrong, but seriously, his silhouette made me laugh.

Hopefully, I will be able to take them off in a week or two and they will not try putting their heads back through.

Updated since I first prepared this post four days ago:  still no heads stuck and they are still not bothered by their little extra appendages!  Woo hoo!


Going and Staying

6 Jul

It’s time to say good-bye to the March babies that are not staying on the farm.  It’s time.  They are becoming a pain.


He doesn’t even say “thank you;” just “what took you so long to get here.”  I am ready to throw him in with the bucks so I at least don’t have to walk so far to get him out.

They are big.

Zephyr and Hermes

Maisie feeding Apollo and Adonis

I never like saying good-bye, but I have to say it is a relief this time with all the copper issues.  The Maisie’s boys (above) and Giselle (below) all have neurological issues, so it will be good to quit worrying about whether or not they’ll make it to sale.


Sadly, I had a forever farm lined up for Giselle, but that isn’t going to happen now.  In good news, though, it means that Hera will be taking her place (and Hera is a sweetie).


Aphrodite will go to the same farm.  Since they are wanted for milking does, the girls will stay here until they have babies next year, so you’ll get to keep seeing them for a while.


I’m also keeping Cinnamon’s girl, Athena, who is just gorgeous!

Athena and Cinnamon

Zeus (who is Hera’s twin brother) will stay to replace his dad, Sam.


Then I might as well give in and just accept that Antigone will be staying.  Even though she’s kind of a brat, I adore her.


Is it just me or does it look like someone did a really bad job of photoshopping horns out–oops, forgot one!

Trying to Avoid Mud

30 Jun

Goats do not like wet or mud.  They are working hard to find ways to get comfortable and stay clean and dry.  Most just pile into the barn.

Penny and Casey

Some have gone over to the greenhouse (if you layer your goats, you can get more into the space).

Cutie, Pistol, Dolly and Astra

Others are more creative.


Gidget (her kids Zeus and Hera) and Bonnie


Bambi and Betty Lou

You’d be amazed how many goats will fit on one picnic table.

Aphrodite, Litha, Zisa, Loki, Reva, and Caroline

When the moms go out to pasture in this horrible wet weather, the kids stay up in the barnyard.

Pluto (Anubis using him as a pillow)


So they come out to play!


Callipoe and Jimmy P

Hopefully, we’ll get to dry up.