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Random Thoughts and Shots

16 Dec

Let my light shine bright!

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that all people are divine beings.

It’s even harder to remember that about yourself.  Don’t worry~nobody will snuff out my light!  Okay, the dust might pretty soon, but it’s a metaphor, and my internal light is shining brightly!


I have to say, our cloudy rainy weather and short days have me longing for the bright flowers of summer.  I love my little geranium that is now starting its third winter in the house.  It loves all the sunshine it gets from the kitchen windows.

I think I might have to give it some TLC (aka fresh dirt and fertilizer) in order for it to make it through this winter.


For some reason, I’ve had a hard time getting into the holiday season.  It might be partly due to the dreary weather, but it’s been a really rough year.  I think I need to get out my CD of Merry Christmas by Johnny Mathis.  This was always played when I was growing up, and it still means the beginning of the holiday season for me.

I think I need to turn off the bad news, put in the CD and bake some cookies.  Maybe that will help me get into the sprit of the season.  Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed weekend.

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Is It Spring Yet?

8 Dec

Last week, I noticed the light in the goat’s section of the barn was out.  I didn’t get around to changing the bulb, but the next day it was on again.  Cool.  I figured it was just loose or something.  The next day it was out again.  This time, I got around to changing it.  Well, it did no good.

A few years back the switch had gone out, so I figured it was something like that.  I called my dad and he said he’d try to look at it in a couple of days.  I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal since there was still light where the birds live, so they would be safe.

Friday night I ran around and got all the heated buckets plugged in and filled up, and I got the cattle tanks’ heaters plugged in because our weather was supposed to turn cold.  The rain started Friday night and went all through Saturday.

Sunday the weather turned cold, and I checked all the buckets and heaters in the morning to make sure the water was still thawed.  Everything was good except Stella’s water bucket.  It had a mouse frozen in a layer of ice over the top.  A quick check revealed that I had plugged the wrong cord in.  I got the right one plugged in, the bucked thawed, and I got rid of the mouse.

That night everything was still good.  Overnight the weather turned much colder, and I was glad I had been on top of it and had everything done.  Patting myself on the back turned to frustration when I got home from work and my cattle tank was frozen over.

Still mad at myself, I turned the water off,  removed the top of the tank, rolled my sleeve up and made the plunge into the water to feel the heater.  It was cold.  That meant it wasn’t because of accumulated goose sludge like I was thinking.  Maybe it wasn’t my fault after all.  My next check was to take the side panel off and make sure the heater was plugged in, even though I was sure I had checked that.  It was plugged in.  Working my way back, I went into the Love Shack and checked to make sure I’d flipped the switch to feed the electricity to the outlet.  It was on, so I checked the fuses.  No problem there.

While I was checking things in the Love Shack, I also saw that Fionn’s heated bucket had a thin layer of ice forming on it.  That meant there was no electricity reaching it.  It became clear that the electricity problem in the large barn was just the beginning because that is where the electricity comes from to feed the Love Shack and the cattle tank.

I am not an electrician.  I don’t really know many electricians and none that would come out at 7:00 pm on a Monday night when the temperatures were dropping to only 12* F.  I called my dad (I love my dad), and he called my nephew and brother-in-law, and they came out the next morning while I was at work.  They thawed the tank with a blow torch.  Talk about skill~Norm didn’t even melt any of the plastic parts in the tank.  They still couldn’t get it to fill with water.

When I finally had a chance to call my mom and see what was going on back on the home front, there had been a flurry of activity.  Norm had done pretty much the same thing I had and concluded that it was the electricity to the barn that was causing the problem.  Of course, as soon as she told me that they still couldn’t get the water to fill the tank, I remembered turning the water off.  Um, that could be why it was drained and I couldn’t get it thawed when I checked it before bed.

Anyhow, they called the electrician and he decided it was a miracle the barn hadn’t already burned and it wasn’t safe.  His alternative to run my heaters until he can get back here this weekend?

An extension cord from the birds’ section of the barn all the way to the Love Shack.  Hey if it works.  Well, it worked for Fionn’s bucket, but my cattle tank was still frozen.  Of course, I opened it up and reached in to see if the heater was working.  It was cold.  Well I opened the bottom again and checked to make sure it hadn’t been unplugged when they had been working on things earlier in the day.  It was plugged in.  When I was putting the screws back in it, I leaned forward, and came very close to the fence.  It zapped my nose!  When I was calling my nephew, I saw a couple of goats try to get a drink and get shocked too.  They came out and tested the electricity in the water~110 volts.  It made me really glad I had my nice thick-soled podiatrist recommended shoes.  The heater had a short in it which electrified the water.  I’m so grateful that nobody got anything more than a little shock.

I got an old heater from the barn and put it in.  After a couple of hours, I went back out and checked it~cold.  Dang!  My poor goats were very thirsty.  Mom had given them a drink in the morning, and I had given them a bit of a drink when I got home, but not everyone had a turn.  It was dark and the temps were dropping rapidly and it was windy and cold, especially after being up to my elbow in water.  I grabbed my phone and called my nephew to see if they had another heater to try while I was making sure all the kids had a chance to drink.  Jeremy said they’d bring a brand new heater out in a little bit.  I got off the phone and had put it in my coat pocket.  Coral was tucked under a bench, and I leaned down to give her a drink.  I heard a plop and panicked as I realized it was my two-month-old smart phone landing in the frigid bucket of water.  I plunged my hand in after it, but it was already so cold I couldn’t feel to get the phone out very quickly.  Dang!

Even though it took a while for the heater to catch up in that freezing cold windy weather, that third heater was working.  Thank goodness.  Now I just had to convince the goats and llama and geese that they weren’t going to get shocked if they drank from it.  Harley was brave and tried it out!

Success!  Except for the death of my phone.  I put it in a bag of rice, and tonight, two days later, it’s alive!  It’s a miracle!  I have no contacts, and it’s got a bit of excess vibration to it, but it’s alive.

Saturday, the electrician is supposed to fix the messed up wiring in the barn.  Then hopefully, things will settle down and get back to normal.

Goodness, I think I’m ready for spring.

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Cows Eating Colorful Corn

16 Nov

There were some ears of Indian corn that didn’t quite make the grade for my mom’s decorating.  What am I supposed to do with those ears?

Colorful Corn

Easy.  Take them out to pasture and holler for the cows (Okay one cow; one ox).

Maxine and MJ

They were happy to volunteer to take them off my hands.  Mom was kind enough to come along because I didn’t think I could feed them and take pictures at the same time.

He just takes the whole ear of corn in his mouth and chomps and chomps until it’s gone.

Maxine also gets a big ear of colorful corn.

MJ’s turn!  He uses that tongue to just pull it out of Mom’s hand.  I must say, his head looks kind of big next to hers.

I think purple is a good color for him.

Maxine was still struggling with that long ear of corn.  Finally I took pity on her and gave her a shorter ear.

I don’t think they grow ears of corn that are too big for him.

Yes, MJ, I’m talking about you.

He’s such a sweet boy, but he’s got a serious slobbering problem.

Mom found Maxine another short ear of corn.  She’s way slower at eating than him.

Much easier to eat! I just love the polka dots on her tongue!

MJ would eat all the corn himself if I let him.  He’s not shy about taking the cobs from her.

He really is a big boy.  Mom might be height challenged, but he’s still huge.

Mom and MJ

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