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Canada Geese Fly Zone

1 May

The Canada geese in the Back Forty seemed to be entertaining themselves by flying and playing in the bottoms this weekend.  Sorry for the poor picture quality, but it was very hazy and I was quite a ways from them.

Can you find the goose in the picture below that landed?

Don’t look on the ground for the goose.

Look on top of the fallen tree.

Looks like somebody’s losing their balance up there.

Now it’s time to fly back to the other end of the bottoms.

Just a little bit of goosey fun.

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A Windy Day

27 Mar

We’ve had some pretty wild winds lately.  My beautiful magnolia tree is losing petals all over the place.

It’s not near as pretty anymore.

The wind has even whipped some whole flowers off and sent them tumbling across the yard.

I hope the winds die down a bit.

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Wordless Wednesday

13 Mar

Just some pictures from this week.



Lily is much better.


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