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Fall Newborn Shoot

6 Nov

I prepared for my newborn shoot by collecting a couple of pumpkins because it’s fall.  I bought the white one (and a big orange one), but the little orange ones came from my garden.

I used them for the great-nephew’s 1/2 birthday shoot.

The great-nephews

Then I used them with the beautiful little girl’s newborn shoot.  The candy corn hat my mom made was perfect!

Then I put the baby in the pumpkin.  Seriously.  I had to.

She was perfect!

Who wore the hat better–Cookie or the baby?

Cookie (in 2012)

After the shoot was over, the critters got to enjoy the big pumpkin.


the chickens

Everyone was happy.

Lemuel and Frodo

But I seriously need more newborn shoots.


18 Oct

It’s been a rough couple of days, and I have been very busy.  I thought I’d just give you a cute cat picture or two.


This is Snickers.  I wouldn’t torture Bob that way right after surgery.  I do want to thank everyone for their good wishes for Bob.  He’s home and frantically trying to get outside.  That’s not going to happen until his stitches are out.

Thanks also for the good wishes for Oreo.  She’s hanging in there.  I think she actually seems a bit more alert and perky.  Soon the meds should kick in and hopefully give her some strength.

Now, I need to go stand up Oreo, hunt the goats down and shut them in the barnyard, and milk Minnie.  So, it’s just a short post tonight.

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