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Finishing Clearing the Barnyard

17 Jan

After a break from scooping the paths, I went back and started clearing the bigger spaces.  The greenhouse was actually pretty quick to put in a couple of piles.


It was the north paddock that I figured would wear me out.  The snow was deep.  All the way from the gate to the building.

From the gate to the north

I have to go around the pen.

Then it’s a stretch to the shed.

They didn’t even come out despite the wind dying down and the sunshine.

2TC in the doorway

Then I scooped for them, and they were happy to come out!

2TC coming out on my path

Chiffon, Trace, and Benji

Then I did the main part of the barnyard.  I had to clear it enough to get all my food pans out and make sure everyone would be able to find a place to eat hay when I fed them.

Hilda testing out the path.

I did it.  I still had the yard and some other little parts to do, but I had it so that I could do chores.

It was close, but we did it.

Hilda and Rosie eating hay

Of course, Pretzel is still going into the barn to eat hay while I’m doing the rest of my chores.


They were very happy to get their food after that storm and the huge drop in temperatures again.

Storm Prep

31 Jan

Saturday dawned cloudy and held the promise of another winter storm.  I decided I’d better prepare and make my life easier. This storm in particular had the potential to make my life miserable because it was a combination of rain and snow.  That means ice.

Myson in what could end up being something like a luge track

The wasted hay (and goat pellets) should at least let me walk without slipping all over.

I hauled bags of corn over and filled all the tubs.  I also checked water buckets.  Some goats keep unplugging their heated buckets.

saw sorta protecting the outlet

Gee, I wonder how that happens.

Purl climbing on the workbench

I picked up all the food pans. With the ice first, they would have frozen to the ground, and it’s impossible to pick them up once they are frozen solid.  When I went out to pick them up about 11:00 in the morning, it was already misting, so I fed everyone grain before I picked the pans up.


I decided to haul whole bales over to the garage before the last storm, so I didn’t have to carry it every day to feed Xerxes and his girls.


Hopefully, everyone is safely tucked in to ride out the storm, but more about that later.  And the rain and the snow and the wind came.

Victoria eating leftover hay and Victoria in the Love Shack

Wanda digging through the overnight snow to find leftover hay

And I shoveled more snow.

Sky waiting for me.

Luckily, it didn’t seem to be too icy when I was scooping.


I am definitely ready for spring.