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Life is a Bowl of Cherries

14 Jun

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday is brought to you by the cherry tree.  The topics:  then and now, indulge, happiness, summer, and pop of color.

Summer: I picked cherries this morning.  Nothing says summer is here like a big bucket of cherries waiting to be cleaned.

Cherry Tree

Then and Now:  We had tons of cherry blossoms earlier in the spring, and now I have lots of cherries on my tree.

cherry collage

Happiness:  Sometimes we have to look at what we have and make our own happiness.

bowl of cherries_1728ew

Indulge: Maybe I’ll indulge in making more wine with the cherries if we also have a good apple crop.

fruit wine

Pop of Color: Of course, that bright red stands out and makes a bold statement.



What do you think?  What should I do with this batch of cherries?

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Valentine Scavenger Hunt

15 Feb

This week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, we have the following items:  writing, curly, love, my view, and pattern.

Every time we get those warm days, I think spring.  When it turns cold again, I’m wishing for warm weather.  That means I had to get another boquet of flowers to get me through.

Flower 010ew

Pattern:  Love the pattern in this flower.

Flower 083ew

My view:  It’s all about the flowers this week.

Flowers 063ew

Love:  I love this one!  The wine, I mean.  It’s sweet plum that we made in 2013.  It’s really improved with age, and I liked it before.

Wine Bowl 073ew

Curly:  These leaves had the best curl to them.

Leaves 065ew

Writing:  Happy Valentine’s Day!  I know I’m late, but I shared it on my Facebook photography page in a more timely manner.

Be Mine 018ew

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Flower 112ew

Flower Bowl 085ew

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Thrown Together Scavenger Hunt

31 Jan

I have to admit, with things being so busy, I rushed to put together tonight’s post for Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  The items were:  Saturday Morning, I Made This, Keepsake, Number, and Sweet Tooth.

Saturday Morning.  I woke this morning to find that my poor injured hen had died.  It is a blessing that she is no longer in pain.  I also saw the ducks leave the farm this morning, and for the first time in about fourteen years, there are no ducks at Eden Hills.  I’m sad about the whole ordeal.  But life goes on, so I made Snickers his breakfast of poached egg.  I’m so glad my mom has loaned me her vintage egg poacher.

egg poacher

Sweet Tooth.  My nephew Brandon tells me that my chapel wine will cause cavities by drinking just one glass.  It might be sweet, but it is my favorite.    Since I didn’t want to set up a whole light stand for this picture, I’m also using it for Shadow Shot Sunday.

Wine and flower

I Made This:  I made the wine (well, my family and I), but I also made this soap.  My latest fragrances have been added to the on-line market.  They are Nag Champa and Neroli.

Nag Champa & Neroli

Nag Champa & Neroli

Number:  I carefully counted to six and nicked the seed coat and placed these louffa seeds in the water. Tomorrow I’ll plant them.  I’m really getting anxious to garden.  There aren’t many things I can start this early, but the gourds require a longer growing season than we have in Iowa, so I have to start them now.

luffa seeds

Keepsake:  I have several feathers from my white peacock.  I do treasure them.  He was such a beautiful bird when he would show his plumage for the girls.  I do miss him.

White Peacock Feather

This is the best I could do with the crazy week.  Hopefully, the coming week will be a bit calmer.