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Love Shack Windows

10 Sep

I realized over the weekend that I need to do some work before winter.  The windows in the Love Shack aren’t going to do such a good job of keeping the cold winds out this winter.

Love Shack window with chicken coop reflected

There are two windows that are missing and in need of a little bit of repair.

About the only thing they are good for is taking fun pictures!



Lucky for me the theme for You Capture today is windows.

More Winterizing

2 Dec

The animals are pretty much ready for the winter.  There were a couple of tasks we had to do to prepare the humans’ house.  I was determined to find where the influx of illegal mice were crossing the border into the house.  I crawled under the deck and found a small gap between the original foundation and the addition.

I talked to my dad, and he recommended caulking along it.  No problems.  I can do that.

Well, when I got to the top and cleared the cobwebs away, I found it was a bit bigger than just a crack.

I think I’m lucky I haven’t had ground squirrels or oppossums crawling through that gaping hole.  I knew the caulk wasn’t going to do it.  Look what I did.

It’s not pretty, but it seems to be helping.  Sometimes the joys of an old house are overshadowed by the mouse holes and old windows.  That was the other thing we had to do.

My son’s bedroom window pretty much had the glass fall out.  Okay, it literally fell out.  My dad put the glass back in, so it has stopped some of the gale force winds.  I still need to cover the window with plastic.  I love all the big windows in the house, but most of the upstairs windows are the originals.  Even the windows that have been replaced are old enough that they are single pane windows.

For some reason, I just end up spending more time (and money) on the animals than on my own comfort.  I might have to think about replacing windows some day.