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In a Field of Wild Flowers

18 Aug

Without the goats in the back part of the Back Forty, the wildflowers have had a chance to grow.

Can’t resist sharing Myson

And there are tons of dragonflies and butterflies out there.  Very pretty!

black eyed Susan

queen Anne’s lace

wild aster

Of course, the goats are working on eating them out of there again.


As late as it is in the summer, I’m not sure they’ll get it taken care of this year.

Other Living Things On the Farm

1 Jul

I have been so busy with goats and trip and trying to reclaim my yard and such that I haven’t had much time to just enjoy everything out here.  One day, I decided to go take a walk and see what I could find.

red-winged blackbird

One of the biggest surprises was a butterfly I’d never seen before.  It certainly is pretty.  It’s a hackberry butterfly (thanks to Jenny for the id).


The stilly dragonflies would not sit still for me, so I decided to try to photograph one flying.  It almost turned out not half bad. LOL


I did get a damselfy though.

There’s not a lot of birdsfoot trefoil out in pasture, and, even though the goats like it, it’s probably good there isn’t a lot because it can make their milk taste bitter.

I was thrilled to see a bobolink.  I saw one even closer later (when I was tracking kids), but I didn’t have my camera then.

I even decided to walk around the buffer strip before my nephew mowed it for hay. There weren’t a lot of butterflies in there, but I did find a few.  Maybe there will be more before the next cutting.

Alfalfa blossoms

Common Buckeye

wild aster

butterfly on the alfalfa

And as I came back to the barnyard, I decided I had to photograph the sparrow.

At this point, I’m a fan of anything that eats bugs.

Buzz and Flutter

11 Sep

When I went out to check the soybeans, I decided to enjoy all the wildlife out there.



wild aster




There were lots of bees and butterflies!