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If I Make it Through January

18 Jan

You know, I started the new year living in the soap room because my furnace broke down and I had CO in my cold house.

Bob Cat

We got through that, and everything’s good now.  We’re in the house and warm.

Sky and Bob


Four days after my furnace was fixed, my car was having some problems, and I took it to the shop.  The engine was diagnosed with “multiple issues.”  I now have a farm truck to try and help the car last longer.  I do really like the truck, and I’ve needed a farm truck for a while.  It was not the best timing though.  I’m not excited about learning to drive a truck in Iowa’s horrible winters, but sand in the back helps, and I am getting snow tires.

This past Monday (one week after the car break down), when I went to get water for the chickens, the hydrant didn’t work.  The well was frozen because my heater in the well house wasn’t working.

I put the heater I had gotten as a back-up in there, but it doesn’t work right either.  It won’t run or won’t shut off.  Well, I set it in the way it doesn’t turn off, so by the time I got home with a new heater the next afternoon, it was 90*F (32.2* C) in there.  My pipes were not frozen!

Now the new heater I got has a stupid safety feature that doesn’t like the rough floor in there.  I finally got it set to run, and it wouldn’t shut of either.  It was up to 110* F (43.3* C) the next morning.

I switched back to my original backup heater, and I think I have it now.  The temperature seems to be holding steady in there.  I swear, it should not be this difficult.  I am done with things breaking down.

Well Progress

10 Feb

Last night after I got home from work and finished chores, I decided I just had to get the insulation back on the room of the well house.  I peeled the tarp from the back to the front and put the bats of insulation back in.  Then I just stapled my tarp back over it.  I might have to put some new insulation in by the time we get around to putting a real roof back on it, but this will work for now.  As you can see we’ve had quite a bit of snow, but I’ll talk more about that in another post.

My nephew came today and replaced the valve that I picked up earlier in the week.

Then we turned on the electricity to the well and tried the hydrant.  Well, at least it’s water.  I will keep running it and hauling it away until it gets clear and stays clear.

I might have made a bit of a lake (ice skating later!) when I was dumping it by the tree.

It’s also pretty dirty in the cattle tank.

That means I’m still hauling rural water for them to drink until it’s cleared up again, but I’m making progress!

Twyla and Harley

I will say, this hauling water for forty-some goats and three llamas every day is making me feel really old.

The Well Guys Were Here

7 Feb

What was Noelle watching out the window?


The well guys were here!

They pulled the pipes and wires and pump and replaced everything.

I felt horrible watching them work out in the cold.

When they finished, we put the board back on and stapled the tarp down again.

Then I started the heater.  It took it a while to warm up.  There was still snow on the floor when the air temperature half way up was at 45*F.

It takes even longer for the water lines to thaw out.  It might be a couple of days before they are thawed again.  We didn’t put the fuse in that powers the pump, since there’s no point in filling the tank to freeze.

Unfortunately, one of the water valves broke, but I guess you just keep working and repairing things until it’s functional again.  But we’re one step closer to having things working again!