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A Waiting Wednesday

16 Mar

After our cold start to Tuesday, the temperatures warmed up.

All that snow melted

By afternoon it was really windy and about sixty degrees.  And this was the only decent day over all of spring break to give birth.

I took the sweater off Melba.

And so I waited.

LilyAnn and Penelope (in the background)

And by the end of the day, zero goats had gone into labor.

Purl (and she is not stuck)

But I did manage to trim a couple of sets of hooves.


Caroline got more probiotics.  She is not doing well at all.


I did some housecleaning.

I picked up all the cardboard Salem has shredded.

I did some more knitting.  And of course, I wrote this blog post.

I didn’t have pink in the right weight, so the next one is camouflage.

And the sun set.

SOOC sunset

And I waited and hoped that someone would go into labor before the rain and cold came on Thursday.

Not Spring Break Weather

11 Mar

My first girl is due today–Onyx.  That means she could have had her baby a couple of days earlier, so I started going out in the evening and before bed.  Sometimes, when it’s spring break babies it’s nice enough for them to just hang out in the barnyard.  Not this year.

snow on Thursday

After the snow and rain and snow on Thursday, we did see some melting on Friday, but the nights were cold.

Then there was more snow in the forecast for Saturday, followed by more cold.

That means I kept trying to shut Onyx in the buck room and the little pen south of the garage.  I had her mom, Victoria in there with her for company.  She kept jumping the fence and ditching her mom.

Headed out to check Onyx Thursday evening

Finally, on Thursday afternoon, I shut her in the buck room–no open door to the outside. I also decided it would let me turn on the heat lamp and warm it up if she had her kid(s) when we were down to 11°F.

Onyx and Victoria (sorry for the really bad cell phone picture)

Well…The snow finally arrived just after noon.

Purl in the Love Shack

And I’m still waiting on Onyx to have her kids.

Onyx with a full udder on Saturday morning

But she’s inside where it’s nice and warm!

The Final Countdown

9 Mar

This is it.  We are almost ready to start spring break kidding.

Purl is due on Monday


Everyone has settled in to the new housing arrangement, and my mom is checking those first girls who are due.

Onyx (due first) with her mom, Victoria, in front

I even managed to take Antigone out of time out.

Moms to the left; the rest of the herd to the right.

The rest will get moved over this weekend if I can catch them.

Cutie shouldn’t be hard to catch and move.

Otherwise, I’ll just check them on that side and move them when I need to.



Hilda (with Rosie behind her)


I do wish we were going to have better weather, but we’ll get.  Let the kidding begin (after I get. home tomorrow)!