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Postponing Farewells

23 Jul

I wanted to sell my March and April babies as soon as I got back from vacation, but I didn’t do it last Saturday because my nephew was out of town.

Look how big Tramp is compared to Pluto.

This weekend, we’re supposed to be close to 100°F.  I’m not selling babies when it’s that hot.

Ostara is the one March baby I am keeping.

But those babies are definitely getting big.

Tramp, Lady, Brigit, Perdita, Howie and Terry, and Shellie

And I really want to start milking.  I need to fill my freezer after having two bottle kids.

Spunky (I don’t know what Antigone is doing behind her)

And Caroline needs to quit feeding her Ducky girl.  She struggled with copper last year after raising her baby, and she has diarrhea again.


Hopefully, the next weekend will be better weather for selling kids.

Never Weaned

30 Sep

Since I put Frodo up north, I decided I had to let Perdita out.  She’s already going to have to have a shot to make sure Chunky Boy didn’t breed her before I sold him.


As soon as she came out, she and Purl had to have a little fight.  After all, they are goats.

Purl and Perdita

At least this one wasn’t too serious.

It didn’t take her long to see her maa, Astra.

Astra (Hera behind) and Perdita

You can pretty much guess what that means.

I swear this girl does not get the idea of being weaned.  That is why I had to have her shut up north for sooooo long.

Basically, this means I’m done milking Astra (she was really getting dried up anyhow).  I might see if I can get her to come in and bring Perdita for a bit of training too.

She looks pretty happy about it.

I am still filling my freezer; it is getting almost full.

I’m also freezing some pint bags for my use over the winter.

Since I’m still freezing and I had just weaned some other girls, guess who I invited in to see if she’d let me milk–Cupid!


She was perfect.  I wouldn’t have even had to use the collar.  I’ll milk her for a while, just for training.  As you can see, she was already weaning her boy and cutting back her production, but it never hurts to have them trained and willing to let me milk them.

The Last Buckling

29 Sep

With selling the last of the kids I’m going to this year, that means Frodo was the last little buck running loose in the herd.

Rosie and Frodo

I really need my bucks away from the girls.

Hilda, Frodo and Rosie

And all of my moms need to be done feeding kids, even though Hilda isn’t look too bad right now.

Anyhow, I caught Frodo and put him up north with Lemuel.

Hilda thought she should get to go in there too.  Honestly, I’m guessing she just wanted the food he was eating.

Hopefully, Hilda won’t let Rosie nurse anymore, but even if she does, that’s one kid instead of two.

That will be a lot less stress for her.

Although, Frodo isn’t too happy with being weaned.