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Weaning Herself

27 Aug

The other day I heard a goat yelling from the north paddock.  You might recall I had my three does up there to wean (I was milking their maas).

Fannie, Six, and Cher

I assumed it was Cher because Fannie and Six both had horn apparatuses at that time (Six has lost hers now).  She gets stuck just often enough I think I should put one on her, but it’s not so often that I’ve actually gotten around to it.  Anyhow, imagine my surprise when I went up there and found Flora!


She had managed to sneak in with the other girls but couldn’t figure out how to get out.

Now she’s weaned.  I have four does up north.

That was awfully nice of her to wean herself for me.

Milking Another Girl

25 Jul

I’ve been waiting to get everything back to normal so I could wean some more kids and start milking more girls.


I managed to catch Zinnia’s kids Thursday morning and put them in the Love Shack.

Sonny and Cher

My plan was to wait for the rest of the herd to go out to pasture and then catch them and give them their copper.  Then I was going to put Sonny with the boys and Cher with the girls.

The boys:  Milo and Freddie

The girls:  Fannie and Six

It didn’t work.  They are wild.  Sonny keeps trying to run through the fence and Cher just stands like a deer frozen in the headlights until I try to catch her.  Then she can run as fast as a deer.  Anyhow, they might be staying in the Love Shack until they get sold.

But I am milking Zinnia!

That means more milk to keep making cheese for the winter and yogurt for my breakfast.

And maybe yogurt for lunch and dinner too.

Back to Normal

24 Jul

Now that the fence is finished, we are pretty much back to normal here.

The new fence

I moved the bucks (Xerxes, Freddie and Milo) back to the front pasture.

Freddie, Milo and Xerxes

I will replace some of the panels here with the old, heavier ones we removed from the old fence.


I’ll keep adding more bucks as I wean them.

Quatro is almost as big as his maa, Mary.

I really need to work on catching some of these wild boys to wean.


I moved my two girls from the Love Shack.  Before I moved them, I did catch them and give them copper.

Fannie and Six

They are much happier with a bigger space and green stuff to munch on.

Fannie and Six

I’m going to try to move Penny up with them because her arthritis is increasingly bothering her.


The little kids who had never been out to pasture before are figuring it out.

Stitch and Purl are experts; Archie is new.


Archie and Edith forgotten in the barnyard

Edith keeps getting left in the barnyard, but Antigone is a good mom.  She comes up and feeds her and then Edith can’t seem to figure out how to follow her back out to pasture.

Kate with mama Antigone

Everyone else is back on the front have of the Back Forty.



Maybeline, Odie, and Aurora

spread out on the front part of the Back Forty

Life is good!