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It’s Cold Outside

7 Dec

The topics for this week’s Scavenger Hunt:  Where I Stood, Silver, Tiny, In the Cupboard, and Shadow

It was -8*F when I got up this morning.  From where I’m standing (or where I stood) that’s way too cold!  I had to break ice off the cattle tank this morning.



Everyone was inside trying to stay warm.  At least there was no wind when Minnie peeked out from the silver Quonset hut.

Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl

I made sure there was food for the wild birds.  This one is in the cupboard, waiting for its turn to be hung outside.



There were all kinds of tiny spikes of frost on the leaves.

frost on leaves

The shrubs in front of the house were really covered in frost.

frosty pine needles


frost on conifer

When I checked Stella’s water, it had frost around the heated bucket from condensation.  I think the water drop was frozen there.

frozen water drop

Then I looked north.  Can you guess who I saw?  She’s still out of focus, but I kind of liked this picture.



Maxine was done complaining about the cold.  She looked pretty content grazing.

(SOOC) Maxine

(SOOC) Maxine

Norma Jean was close behind her.  It looks like it’s just her and her shadow out there in the field.

Norma Jean

Norma Jean

Hopefully, we’ll get back to some more normal temperatures, if that actually exists anymore.

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A Walk

16 Aug

Sometimes you just need to go for a walk and enjoy nature (and check the cornfield yet again).  There’s an area in the back that doesn’t look so good.

In the rest of the field, I did see quite a few ears that are looking pretty filled out.

I still like seeing the corn growing out there.  It really gives me hope for the harvest.

At the north edge of the cornfield, there is the remains of a fence and an old cattle tank.

Along the back side of the field, I found some (I think) goldenrod that was beginning to open up.

I also found this funky curved ear of corn.

Guess what happens when you take the fence in the Back Forty

and add a Ken to it.

He gets stuck.  He wasn’t very happy with having to accept my help.

He was quite happy to be free though.

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