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Good. Random. Fun. Weekend

1 May

The Good:  Sunshine!  After so many rainy days this week and rain all day yesterday and today, I finally saw a bit of sunshine this evening.


Of course, it’s supposed to warm up and be sunny all week when I’m at work.

water drops_5994ews

sun drop_5995ews

At least the days are longer, so I can hopefully get some stuff done in the evenings.


The Random:  My sister stopped by today and gave me a cup and saucer.  I think it’s an adorable set.


The Fun:  Today, I made three batches of soap because I almost ran out over the weekend.  Now they just need to cure for three weeks.

Heavenly Honeysuckle, Lilac, and Nag Champa

Heavenly Honeysuckle, Lilac, and Nag Champa

I also made my first batch of insect repellent lotion bars.  I almost want bug season to be here so I can try it.

lotion bars_5996ews


I do hope you’ll consider coming back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  The list for this week is at the top of my sidebar.

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It’s Pretty Out There

11 Jan

I’m so enjoying the more normal temperatures.  I don’t even mind the fog, frozen fog, rain, freezing, snow, and all that stuff.  It’s been quite the active weather pattern, but it’s made for pretty pictures for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  This week’s items are:  happens everyday, upside down, natural, man made, looking down.  They fit together so well, I kind of keep jumbling the topics together.

Happens everyday:  The sun comes up and shines.  Even though it’s hiding behind clouds now, it was shining brightly this morning.

sunshine lily

I love the natural light it provides for taking pictures.


sunshine water drop

Man made:  It’s natural frozen fog on the man made gate and nail.

frosty gate hinge

frosty nail

Natural:  The raindrops froze overnight.  It made for good photography before the sun melted them away.  I took the shot of the natural coneflower looking down from my deck.

sunshine water drop

dead coneflower

Upside Down:  You can see the love shack upside down as a reflection in the drop. (You can click on the photo to enlarge it.)

water drop

Looking down:  It seems like I’m always looking down at my Bob cat when I take his picture.

cat looking up


orange cat in snow

Hope you all have a great week with good weather!

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