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Gaining Weight

10 Jan

I think the ulcer medication has really helped Aurora.  She’s eating well, and I think she’s actually gaining weight.  It’s hard to tell when I see her everyday.  I did finally feel her back, and I think she feels better.


I did kick a couple of the goats out of the garage.  Vinnie joined Sam to get bred for June babies.


Lily was a pain.  The moment I put her in the garage, she decided she had to tip the food tubs over to find that one best morsel that was obviously on the bottom of the tub.  Lots of wasted  hay with that method of eating, so she got kicked out with our warmer weather.

Aurora (Aurora doesn’t like the camera flash.  Can you tell?) and Lily

She whined when I put her out, so I felt guilty and let her back in the garage.  Later, she acted like she really wanted out, so I put her back outside.  She seemed okay with that, but now she’s spending all of her time fighting with Victoria through the fence.  Seriously, Lily.  What a pain!

I did leave Vixen in the garage with Aurora because Vixen is also old and not very far up the food chain.  She’s also a much daintier eater.


I think these two will get along; although, Vixen is acting like she wants more goat company.  Sigh.  I just can’t make everyone happy.

They might be in here together most of the winter.  We’ll see how much weight I can get on Aurora.


We Survived the Day

3 Jan

I survived my first day back to work.  It was kind of stressful worrying about everyone at home, but we did it!


My nephew came and let Sky out after it warmed up, and he hadn’t even destroyed anything in the house. Woo hoo!


As a bonus, my hydrant had thawed by the time I got home!  Sky didn’t even eat his kitten (Of course not.  He’s a good boy.).


The goats and llamas were a bit upset that they didn’t get fed three times throughout the day.

Where is my mid-morning snack? -Myson

But they survived.


We have a couple more cold days, and then we should be back to our normal cold winter temperatures!  Maybe then Bob will quit swearing so much.

Bob Cat

Thirty degrees (-1.1* C) sounds downright warm.

One Day at a Time

1 Jan

We’re making it through this cold spell one day at a time.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this cold here before.

I really didn’t want to go outside and check everyone this morning, but I did!  We’re all hanging in there.


Odie isn’t too happy about being back with the goats.


She misses the good life of a round bale of alfalfa hay and not having goats constantly in her way.

But Aurora needs the space more than she does.


Vinnie and Vixen have no idea how good they have it in the garage right now.


I did have to bring Lily over to join them because she was cold.  Everyone’s cold, but she’s old and cold.  That’s not a good combination.


Aurora does think she has enough company now.  She’s not going to be lonely.

My frost free hydrant was frozen.  I assume it will be okay and thaw eventually.

At least the water to the cattle tank is still running.


That’s good!  It’s supposed to be really cold again tonight, and they’ve already cancelled school tomorrow, so I get to stay home one more day.