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26 Apr

When I came home from work yesterday I saw a beautiful sight!

The tree had been removed from my fence.  It still looks pretty beat up, and I’m sure young energetic kids can go over the tree to the other side, but I’m also thrilled to have this progress.

It means I can let my old ladies and Aurora out.  I’m pretty sure they are not going to have the energy or good joints to make it out.  I just opened the panel at the edge of the garage, and it was not long before they figured it out.


The goats were quick to come out and stopped at the first sight of green.

Pistol and Antigone, (Ares and Stormy on the other side), Lily, and Vinnie

Antigone thought it was a whole new world out there.


That got the fat wethers all in an uproar.  It’s not like they get to go to the Back Forty every day.

Moose and Myson

Aurora followed at a more elegant pace.

She took some time to explore.

Is it me, or does she look happy to be given more space?

I was happy to see she went back to eat hay.  She’s been shut in a small space for several months.  She needs to get back out there slowly.

I am very grateful to finally be able to let her out though.


Getting Stronger

17 Apr

Little Miss Antigone is getting stronger.  She’s nursing on her own and doing quite well.


Pistol has finally settled down a bit and is back to being her usual doting motherly self.

Pistol and Antigone (with Vixen hogging the heat lamp)

If the weather ever clears, I’ll be able to let them outside (with Aurora, Lily and Vinnie to start with).


Spring Weather

20 Jan

We seem to have ridden the weather hill back to the top of the temperatures.  We are 50*F (10*C), sunny and no wind today.  It’s a perfect March day in January.  I took advantage to get some stuff done outside.  I set out a new salt/mineral block, and I cleaned all my water tanks and got to use the hose to fill them up.

Moose, Casey, and Myson (aka the Three Stooges)

Considering the hydrant was frozen again this week, I was really happy to be able to use it.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.  The handle was frozen so that I couldn’t lift it.  Usually when it freezes, it’s down in the pipe below ground.  This time was crazy.

The geese are enjoying a bath for the first time in quite a while.

I also unplugged their heated bucket in the building because I’m not a fan of an electric cord sitting in water.  Notice the ring on the bucket to see how deep the puddle is.

How do I end up with such a big ice cube around their bucket?  Indoor bath.

obviously before a full bath in the pool

I trimmed Clover’s hooves.  She has the worst feet on the farm (it’s genetic), and I just can’t keep up with them no matter how hard I try.


I’m excited to say that I kicked a bunch of goats out of my garage.  Vixen was not happy, but I really need fewer critters in the garage.


I have just Stormy, Aurora and Harley’s girls in there.


Stormy is going a bit stir crazy, but she needs to stay in there and recover.  She’s making it difficult though because she’s learned how to just push her way out of my panel fence and into the rest of the garage.  Smarty pants.


I’m not sure I mentioned I put the twins in there.  I went out one morning in the last cold spell and Toffee was just standing in front of the hay.  When I picked her up, she didn’t fight and I could feel the cold from her body.  I put both girls in the garage.  I figure it won’t hurt them to stay in and get a bit of extra food for a couple of days.


The long range forecast doesn’t look quite so cold.  It’s still up and down, but now it’s more between warm and average temperatures.  I’ve already taken enough pictures today to blog for the next week about everything else that’s been going on when I didn’t have time to take pictures.