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Watching for Heat Signs

14 Jan

I’m watching all my girls for signs of being in heat.  I like to know when I’m going to have babies due.  So far, the only girl I’ve seen in heat is Betty Lou.

Betty Lou

That’s good because she’s not supposed to be bred because she’s retired, but that doesn’t help me.  Fionn will do his job when girls come into heat, and I just hope I notice.

Haley and Fionn

Sam is also good at his job.  I thought he was done, but I decided to put him and Vinnie together in the Love Shack because they neither one likes the cold, and I’ve given them a heat lamp.

Vinnie and Sam

Xerxes has his girls, but he’s not quite as dedicated to his job.

Dolly, Sidney, LilyAnn, Xerxes (and Zinnia behind the post)

In fact, he’s still almost more interested in seeing if I have peanuts than he is in girls.

“Did you bring me a peanut?”

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this boy.  He better figure it out.


Gaining Weight

10 Jan

I think the ulcer medication has really helped Aurora.  She’s eating well, and I think she’s actually gaining weight.  It’s hard to tell when I see her everyday.  I did finally feel her back, and I think she feels better.


I did kick a couple of the goats out of the garage.  Vinnie joined Sam to get bred for June babies.


Lily was a pain.  The moment I put her in the garage, she decided she had to tip the food tubs over to find that one best morsel that was obviously on the bottom of the tub.  Lots of wasted  hay with that method of eating, so she got kicked out with our warmer weather.

Aurora (Aurora doesn’t like the camera flash.  Can you tell?) and Lily

She whined when I put her out, so I felt guilty and let her back in the garage.  Later, she acted like she really wanted out, so I put her back outside.  She seemed okay with that, but now she’s spending all of her time fighting with Victoria through the fence.  Seriously, Lily.  What a pain!

I did leave Vixen in the garage with Aurora because Vixen is also old and not very far up the food chain.  She’s also a much daintier eater.


I think these two will get along; although, Vixen is acting like she wants more goat company.  Sigh.  I just can’t make everyone happy.

They might be in here together most of the winter.  We’ll see how much weight I can get on Aurora.

Llady Llama Update

30 Dec

I already shared yesterday that the ISU vets did ultrasounds and found that Odie and Maybeline are not expecting crias.  The good side of that is that my mom doesn’t have to check them during the day anymore, and I could move them out of the garage.


I did that immediately, because it was a lot warmer and lighter for us to work with Aurora in there.  I was amazed at how well she walked for me considering all the mean things we’ve done to her lately.  I had the ISU vets come back to treat her for ulcers.  I have to say, after discussing her diet here and everything else, they did decide I was just unlucky with llamas and ulcers.  That did not make either me or Aurora feel better.

Aurora (with Vinnie in the background)

We also brought Moose in because he got to be our “rumen fluid” donor.  He got a tube placed down into his stomach to pull up some fluid with all those good gut bacteria.  Yep.  Aurora had to drink that (burp).


She also got antibiotics, vitamin B, wormer, a steroid, and the meds for her ulcers.  Poor girl.  But they also did an ultrasound on her (not pregnant), and everything looks good.  They couldn’t find evidence of bleeding or perforations or blockages.  That means, she has a pretty good chance of a full recovery.  She had to have the antacid for two more days after their visit.  That is not a fun shot, but we’re done with it now.

She just needs to spend her time eating lots and lots of hay!

Vinnie and Vixen are also enjoying keeping her company.


They do not like this cold at all, so it’s a good thing for them also.