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Some of the Goat Girls

23 Aug

They are enjoying the long summer days.


Betty Lou




Vinegar (aka Vinnie)

I can’t believe we’re at the end of summer already.



14 Jul

I am so impressed with how the goats are improving. I knew their coats were dull and coarse, but it never really hit me that they were dull and coarse because it happened so slowly.  Now that they’ve had the copper bolus and are getting goat-specific minerals, I can’t believe the difference.  They are sleek and shiny!






Well, Vixen is still working on it, but you can tell the difference between the old gross hair on her back and the new sleek hair growing back on her sides. (For the record, she refuses to let me touch her, much less brush out the old fur.)  She is still old, but she is improving (Don’t worry, the vet saw her in April, and she’s better now).


And Mary.  She was so sick after kidding this March.  She was completely anemic and had huge bare patch on her stomach, and now she’s beautiful again!

Mary (with Diana behind her)

I can hardly wait until they’ve had a whole year to get caught up.  Imagine how beautiful they will be then!

Yummy Minerals

8 Jun

The goats are going through lots of minerals!  Dolly seems to think they are yummy.


There are quite a few of the big ones that go in and eat.  Although there are several goats that I haven’t seen eating it (including both big bucks).

I really need the kids to eat them because they didn’t get the copper bolus.


Some of the kids like them.  Others not so much, but I keep trying.