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27 Jan

I already had my little pen for Tony in the garage.

With the cold snap that’s coming, I decided I might as well go full-on barn again.  For those of you who use Celsius Tuesday’s low is -30.56*C Wednesday’s high is -23.33*C.

Not only will he be in here until March or so (if he lives), but there’s a good chance he’ll end up with company by the middle of the week.

Vinnie is already shivering and wondering why we haven’t gone to Florida for the winter.


I shudder at the thought of who all might end up in there with him.

Anyhow, I took the opportunity with our relatively warm weekend weather to prepare the whole Ranger side of the garage.

It’ll all be good.  As soon as March gets here.


I Admit Defeat

21 Jan

I work really hard to try and keep the goats where they belong and make sure we don’t have oopsie babies and everyone has a nice warm place inside when the weather is bad.  I had to admit defeat though.  I had already split the old ladies, putting Lily, Harley, Pistol, Antigone, and Cupid back up north.

Cupid and Lily

There are just too many groups and too many of my old retired girls are dominant pushy things.

Flower (back) and Vinnie (front)

I just couldn’t get everyone to share the shelter.  Since the six of them had already been exposed to Zeus and had to have a shot, I decided to give up.

Reva (back) and Mary (front)

I removed the panel separating the main herd with Fionn and the six old ladies.


Besides.  I needed the panel that I was using to separate them, but that’s tomorrow’s post.

Need More Fall

14 Nov

The challenging weather last week means that I’ve kind of stalled out on getting caught up with hooves.  I’m happy to say that Wanda’s hoof is all healed.


I did manage to get a couple of my more challenging girls done right before the rain started.


I still have quite a few that I need to catch.  Some I am really not looking forward to.


I still need to make sure I get Caroline and Clover another time (or two) before the cold permanently settles in for the winter.

Sweet Caroline

I have to admit, I’ve been delaying my stinky boys.  Zeus got done before I put him in with the two big bucks, but I really need to get Fionn’s feet done because he’s another one who has the white line disease.


I swear hooves are a never-ending job.  Of course, right after I scheduled this post, the goats decided to have a siesta Sunday afternoon, and I managed to get five more done!  Of course, I did Myson and Moose outside (tethered to a post), and Casey decided to help.  He rubbed his head against my head the entire time.  He’s so helpful!


Then when I was doing chores, I told Vinnie I really needed to get her hooves done.  Since I usually can’t touch her, I was thrilled when she followed me to the milk room, came in and calmly ate while I trimmed her hooves.


She and her twin sister, Pistol, have always been able to understand human speak perfectly.  They amaze me.