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Perdita’s Bad Day

12 Jun

I got up Friday morning for my 6:00 am check of Onyx (I don’t know how she hasn’t kidded yet).  When I opened the door, I heard a panic yell.  I rushed out and found Perdita had gotten a front foot stuck between two slats of the picnic table.  She was hanging from it with no foot on the bench or ground.  She was hanging from the leg.  I rushed over and picked up her body to take weight off the foot and gently slid it out.  When I set her down, she basically collapsed.

Aurora in front of the table (no pictures from the drama)

I picked her up and was going to put her in the shade up north where nobody would bother her, but when I set her down to open the gate, she again collapsed.  I let her rest there.  After a bit, I moved her in the north paddock because I didn’t want her trying to go out to pasture.  She still was not walking well and was kind of in shock.  Her shoulder was swollen.  I put her in the shade and got her some meds for the pain and swelling.

Perdita after she was able to stand and walk again

She rested most of the day.  By evening she was feeling much better.  She was back to getting in trouble.  Is it any wonder this girl hurt herself?

I don’t ever remember a goat being up there before.

I decided since she was up in the north paddock, I might as well wean her.  I had been planning on doing it anyhow because I want to milk. That took her day from bad to worse.  She and Astra were both unhappy with the weaning.

Astra and Perdita

Astra is fine with coming in to get milked, but she does miss her little girl.

I got a quart this morning (if that holds, she’ll give me about 1/2 gallon per day)

In the evening, Perdita found another fun game.

“I want my maa!”

This time, she was a very bad influence on Zinnia’s kids.  They thought it was great. (Video at the end of the post because I hate the WordPress block editor.)

Ivy and Jack playing on the hut; Perdita egging them on.

Later, my five-months-pregnant Onyx was up there, and my nice tarp hut was pretty much demolished.

Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun.

That means Saturday morning began with checking Onyx, milking Astra, and then re-building a new hut.

They seem to like it.  I had goats in there before it was even done.

Haley was the first to check it out.

Zinnia and kids by the other entrance/exit

It’s not quite done, but I need to run to town before I finish it, so we’re calling it good for now. And that brat better stay off of it!

One Evening Doing Chores

16 Apr

My chores are kind of getting easier with the nice weather and grass growing. I am still trying to give everyone some grain though, and there’s always water and hay for the ones who are shut in. One evening I actually had my phone while I did chores, so you get to see some of what goes on during chores.

Stormy, Moose, Haley, Bronc

For the big goats, it’s all about the grain. Some goats might be giant bullies and have to be threatened with getting sold if they keep picking on the girls. Yes, I am talking about Moose, but he is also a great big brother. He always has Uno tagging along, and he will even share grain with him. It just blows my mind.

Uno and Moose

For the littles, it’s all about nursing. Some poor moms can’t even get a break from feeding their kids while they are eating grain. Other kids take advantage of Grandmaa being busy eating to sneak a snack.

Blaze with grandkid Brutus nursing (Reva to the right)

Other kids just think it’s a fun time to play and run wild while their moms are eating and not paying attention to what they are doing.

While the moms eat, the kids will play.

Astra’s kids were quick to discover how yummy the sweet lick mineral bucket is.

Joker, Jester, and Avril

This is also evidence the Chiffon still does whatever she wants.


Did I say Chiffon? I meant Marge AND Chiffon. Brats.

Chiffon and Marge

I also have to make sure my buckets have clean water. They are not quite big enough to drink from the cattle tank yet, and so I have several buckets out for them.

Milo, Trace, Addie, and Bronc

I also have to gather eggs every day. This particular day, I got six eggs from the seven hens.

Overall it’s not too bad spending time out there with everyone when the weather is good and the days are getting longer. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten colder again. I’m looking forward to more of these nice evenings soon.

Playing in Pasture

5 Apr

When I let Bambi and Astra onto the front pasture and put Mary in the garage (for her hoof), I also made other changes.

I let the rest of the goats together.  That means all my moms are with everyone else going out on the Back Forty. By the way, I’ve done another two hours of fence hobbling to keep the goats in.

The kids had a lot of fun playing out there. Onyx (below) is just so cute!


Just some of the kids.

Just some of the kids

Freddie and Marin are checking out the fallen tree.

Bronc was having fun climbing on the tree.

Again, just some of the kids. The big kid on the left is Uno, just to see how big he’s gotten.

Bronc in the tree; Onyx trying to jump up there to join him.

Popcorn goes out with me and plays with the kids, but he follows me back to the barnyard too.

Ruby was also trying to climb that tree.


Onyx was trying to figure out how to join her sister up there.

Check out the video of Ruby figuring out how to climb in the tree.

They do make me smile watching them.  Here’s another video you can see them in.

You might have noticed that inserting the videos is new for me. I just created a YouTube Channel for Eden Hills, and I can now add them to my blog posts! I’ll try not to overload you with too many videos.