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Around the House

21 Jan

Winter gives me a lot more time in the house.  Usually, my time is divided between reading, knitting, and playing with food. Currently, I’m reading about the 1918 influenza pandemic.  Why wouldn’t I be reading about a pandemic as we’re trying to survive another one?

I last shared my knitting work in progress that I was trying to salvage.  It isn’t quite how it’s supposed to be in the neck, but I’m going to call it a success.

As a bonus, it actually fit the Little Farm Hand!

the Little Farm Hand and his dad

trying out the front pocket (he was tired from sledding)

I still have plenty of help whenever I try to knit.

Bob Cat

I have also managed to finish another infinity scarf.

I also finished a headband for a local lady.  I am in a rare moment of not actually having a knitting project going, but I am thinking of doing Hedwig (from Harry Potter) next.  I’ve ordered the yarn for the wings and the eyes, so I’m preparing for it.  I do have a sweater I started months ago that I could try finishing, but that seems rather tedious now.  We’ll see…

I did get my potato planted.  It was just kind of hanging in there, but I couldn’t figure out why.  Well, I caught Rocky trying to pee in the pot.  Brat.

Rocky–don’t let the innocent look fool you.

I covered the plant with clear plastic, and now it’s doing amazing!

Not only is the cat not in there, but it holds the humidity in too.  I think it likes that.  Hopefully, it continues to do well once it gets too tall for me to have it covered.

I just added another layer of dirt to cover those roots and “hill” it up.

My celery I tried rooting collapsed into a puddle of mush.  I’m trying again.


The stalks look good, but the base is getting mushy, and I don’t see roots forming.  I might just put them in dirt and see what happens. I keep trying new recipes to avoid all the sodium-filled highly processed foods.

homemade seitan pepperoni and a cauliflower crust

I swear I feel like I’ve never cooked in my life.  Hopefully, all my playing pays off and I can eat delicious and healthy vegetarian foods eventually.

I have to say, the burgers turned out amazingly!  I might finally be getting there.

In the Works

30 Nov

I keep posting recipes here occasionally.  I have to say, I’ve become a much more creative cook since I started blogging.

chocolate macaroon beet cake

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but growing up we were a pretty basic meat-and-potatoes kind of family.  Now I’m vegetarian.

My reason for giving up meat–MJ

I love using herbs and spices and being creative.

Some of my recent playing in the kitchen is trying to find ways to use all the squash from my garden.

This one is spaghetti squash au gratin.

I’ve decided to try and pull all of my recipes together and put them into a book because I can’t find anything right now.  I’m constantly searching two recipe boxes and the blog to find the recipe I want.  I wanted to have it done this fall, but I’m enjoying playing in the kitchen during the pandemic.

As I do this, I’m also trying to get more healthy with my vegetarian cooking.  Right now I use a lot of processed foods, and I’d like to change that.  I just tried a new recipe for homemade “meatless” crumbles as a hamburger substitute.  I tried it as sloppy Joes.

It turned out pretty darn good!  I think I’m going to have to keep playing for a while before I print it out.


3 Mar

Bierock is a dish that was brought to the United States from Eastern Europe.  It’s traditionally a bread stuffed with sausage and cabbage and various other goodies.  I’d never heard of this, but tracked down what it was after I made my bread stuffed with goodies.  If you are from Nebraska, you’ll likely call it a Runza.


Mine doesn’t have those traditional fillings.  I really love the way it turned out!


The bread recipe makes two loaves of bread or one loaf and one bierock.  Since I was just trying this, I was happy to have an extra loaf of honey wheat bread out of the deal.  Next time I will make two bierocks, so I will have to double the filling recipe.

honey wheat bread


2 envelopes of yeast in 1/4 cup water between 100-110*F

In a large bowl mix:

2 cups warm milk

1 Tbsp oil

1/4 cup honey

2 1/2 tsp. salt

Add the yeast and mix.  Then add:

3 cups whole wheat flour

2 – 3 cups unbleached white flour

You want to add enough flour that you have a pretty stiff dough.  After all, it’s going to have some liquid to absorb.  Knead it until it’s nice and elastic and not sticky (keep adding a bit of flour if it gets sticky).  This should be five minutes or more.  Let it rise until it’s doubled in size (1 1/2 hours).  Punch it down and let it rise to double again (about 1 hour).  Shape or fill and let it rise 30 minutes.

bread dough


After punching the dough down the first time, I made my filling so it had time to cool.  You don’t want it cold, but you don’t want it hot either.  Ideally, it would be at that 100-110* F.

In olive oil, saute

1 package Morningstar Farms chick ‘n starter (you could use real chicken breasts as well.  Just slice into strips.)

1/4 cup onion chopped

1 clove garlic, minced or pressed

When this is sauteed, add:

1 pint of tomatoes, drained.  I used my canned tomatoes and squeezed out as much of the liquid as I could.

2 Tbsp honey

2 Tbsp mustard

1 tsp basil


To prepare the bread after it’s left to rise the second time, punch it down and then roll it out.

rolling bread dough

I had my baking sheet already sprayed with no-stick spray so it was ready to place on it.  Then I placed the filling on the dough.

bierock filling

Then cover it with cheese.  I wanted to use Swiss, but all I had was Mozzarella.  You can use whatever kind you want.

filling bierock

The only tricky part is covering the filling.  Start by cutting strips along the filling to the edge of the bread dough.  Then you alternate pulling them over the filling.  When I got to the other end, put put the end piece up before I pulled those strips across.

bierock collage

Then you bake it at 375* F for about thirty minutes.  The loaf of bread will take longer to bake, about 45 minutes.


I had my mom sample it, and she gave it her stamp of approval.  My final test was to freeze it and see how it did being microwaved. It passed the test with flying colors!  I like this because it will make several meals I can take to work.

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