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Feeding Aurora on the Weekends

20 Dec

The llamas spend a lot of time in pasture eating.


Aurora has a great appetite!


I almost wonder if she struggles with properly using the food she eats because of damage from the ulcers that nearly killed her right after she came to the farm.

She wouldn’t quit eating long enough for me to even take a decent picture.

Whatever the reason for her being a bit on the thin side, I’m trying to put meat on those bones.

It’s easier to give her extra food on the weekends because the llamas come up for a drink while the goats are out in pasture.

No goats to fight off!

Even though Odie and Maybeline are fluffy and extra-fluffy, I don’t mind giving them a bit of llama feed too.

I will say, Aurora seems a bit ungrateful at times.  Like when she just spit directly in my face as I stood there to keep Odie from coming and stealing her food.

Bratty llama.  I was still good and gave her a second feeding in the evening.  No spitting that time.

I’m Sorry, Tony

25 Feb

I had to say good-bye to Tony.  He was such a magnificient animal when he came here.

Tony Llama

I just don’t know what it is that makes some of the llamas more suceptible to ulcers, but once they get them, they are more likely to have them again.

Tony Llama

In Tony’s case, they became chronic, and nothing I did could help him.

Tony Llama

I am sorry, Tony.  We will miss you.

Look Who’s Eating!

7 Jan

I have been really worried about Tony.  He just hadn’t been eating well.

On Saturday, that seemed to change.

He was really chowing down on the hay!

Don’t ge me wrong, he’s still staring out the window at the girls a lot, but he’s eating too.

watching Odie

I hope that continues.  Hopefully, he’ll also start eating more of the llama feed too.