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Gaining Weight and Trust

24 Jun

Aurora and I have come a long way.  When she came here, she was very skittish and untrusting.  Then she had the ulcers and it’s been a long road. She’s getting her llama feed every day.  Surely, I’m not the only person who measures their animal feed in the number of banana boats they get.

It’s really making a difference in her weight gain.  You can still see that backbone, but it’s getting better.

I’d say we’re building some trust here.

On good days, she’ll even kiss me back.




Still Improving

16 Feb

I felt bad when I had to take Aurora back into the garage, but I think being out that little bit to see outside and all the other llamas helped her emotionally.


Since she went back in the garage, she’s only had Lily for company.


The two of them get along well (Lily is calm), and I always make sure there’s two places to eat, and I tied the tub so Lily can’t dump it out.

She has really been picking up weight again.  She’s constantly eating.

Bless my nephew for continuing to bring me a few bales at a time for these two girls.

I am really starting to feel optimistic that she’s going to make it.

I wrote this post a couple days ago and scheduled it, and now I’m editing.  I swear every time I think she is gaining weight and doing better about two days later, I think she looks more thin again and I’m worried the ulcers are back.  I guess I have no idea how she’s doing, and I’ll just keep playing it by ear.



Back in the Garage

2 Feb

Sunday morning when I was hauling hay out of the barn, I was keeping a close eye on Aurora.


She was really enjoying being outside and looking around; she was eating well.

But she began to get cold, so I took her back to the garage.

It’s so hard to get an animal to put on weight in the winter without feeding them grain, but she’s not allowed to have grain because of the ulcers.

Bless my nephew for bringing me alfalfa hay because it has a lot more protein than the grass hay I feed everyone else.


Lily is also enjoying the hay.  In fact, when I had to give them just my grass hay for one day, Lily was positively demanding that I give her some of the higher quality hay.

Spoiled much?