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I’m Sorry, Tony

25 Feb

I had to say good-bye to Tony.  He was such a magnificient animal when he came here.

Tony Llama

I just don’t know what it is that makes some of the llamas more suceptible to ulcers, but once they get them, they are more likely to have them again.

Tony Llama

In Tony’s case, they became chronic, and nothing I did could help him.

Tony Llama

I am sorry, Tony.  We will miss you.

Look Who’s Eating!

7 Jan

I have been really worried about Tony.  He just hadn’t been eating well.

On Saturday, that seemed to change.

He was really chowing down on the hay!

Don’t ge me wrong, he’s still staring out the window at the girls a lot, but he’s eating too.

watching Odie

I hope that continues.  Hopefully, he’ll also start eating more of the llama feed too.

Tony’s Surgery

28 Dec

The vet came yesterday to geld Tony.  I had moved him from the Love Shack to the garage the night before because he had to be off food and water.  He was ready for the surgery when they arrived.

Tony Llama

It was quite the process, but it didn’t really take long for the surgery at all.  The recovery is another story.  It took him forever to wake up.

sleeping after surgery

Then he was still really groggy.

He finally stood up.  He even got a drink and ate a little bit.  He was doing well.

By evening he was struggling to maintain his body temperature and had a wobbly neck.

I can tell you I was really worried.  I heated the garage up a bit more (Thanks for the help, Dad.) and hoped for the best.

In the morning he thankfully looked much better.

He’s still not out of the woods.  I have him on another round of the ulcer meds, and hopefully that will help him recover and then flourish.  Poor baby.