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Look Who’s Eating!

7 Jan

I have been really worried about Tony.  He just hadn’t been eating well.

On Saturday, that seemed to change.

He was really chowing down on the hay!

Don’t ge me wrong, he’s still staring out the window at the girls a lot, but he’s eating too.

watching Odie

I hope that continues.  Hopefully, he’ll also start eating more of the llama feed too.

Tony’s Surgery

28 Dec

The vet came yesterday to geld Tony.  I had moved him from the Love Shack to the garage the night before because he had to be off food and water.  He was ready for the surgery when they arrived.

Tony Llama

It was quite the process, but it didn’t really take long for the surgery at all.  The recovery is another story.  It took him forever to wake up.

sleeping after surgery

Then he was still really groggy.

He finally stood up.  He even got a drink and ate a little bit.  He was doing well.

By evening he was struggling to maintain his body temperature and had a wobbly neck.

I can tell you I was really worried.  I heated the garage up a bit more (Thanks for the help, Dad.) and hoped for the best.

In the morning he thankfully looked much better.

He’s still not out of the woods.  I have him on another round of the ulcer meds, and hopefully that will help him recover and then flourish.  Poor baby.

A Coat for Tony

9 Dec

Tony is still struggling with his stress and ulcers.  If he’d quit pacing and trolling for lladies it would help.  But he won’t. So I decided to get him a coat.  One day when he was in the Love Shack I decided it was time to get measurements.


He wasn’t happy with that.

But I did manage to get the measurements.

I tried ordering a coat, but I never heard back from them, so I decided to do it myself. I went shopping for materials.  I must say, I was disappointed I couldn’t find any waterproof nylon fabric.  I went with the redneck version–a heavy duty tarp.

But he gets awesome soft llama print fleece for the underside.  Rocky tested it for softness and comfort.  It passed the test.


It’s actually three layers–the outside is the tarp, a layer of quilt batting, and then the nice soft fleece.

Bob was helping with holding the quilt batting down.


Finally I got the binding on it.

Then we had to do some fitting to the llama and got the buckles and straps in place.  I only have a couple of minor flaws in the design, but it will work.

He’s wearing it.

He doesn’t seem to mind it.

There’s a couple of obvious design flaws, but in my defense, it was not a very good pattern.

Anyhow, it should help him stay warm.

Hopefully, I can get rid of the testosterone soon.