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Cupid’s Kids

6 Apr

This morning, I went out to pasture and checked everyone before my work-from-home staff meeting.  All my girls due this week were just out in pasture happily eating.

Caroline, Marge in front of Cupid, Aphrodite, Joani, Zinnia, LilyAnn, Sidney, Cutie, and Milo

When I got done with my meeting, I immediately went to check on everyone. I found Cupid by herself in the barn in hard labor. Of course, I had to shut Popcorn in a pen before I could do anything without him glued to me.


It was only about thirty minutes later that she had two adorable  babies.  Sorry for the blurry cell phone pictures.  In keeping with the trend, she has one boy and one girl.

buck in front; doe in back

Almost as soon as they were born, Aurora was coming to check them out.

That’s why I put a panel across.  Aurora just wants to meet the kids, but new moms don’t really appreciate all the visitors right away.

Soon, Maybeline was coming in, too, because new babies are noisy.

Then it started sprinkling and the whole herd came up from pasture.

I did move the panel back so the others could at least come in the barn, but Cupid still has a big space for her and the kids to get acquainted.

I can hardly wait to see these two when they are fully dried off and out in the sun.

Cupid washing Tiger

Tansy showing off her white stripe.

I present to you Tansy and Tiger!

More Kids!

13 Mar

You might have figured out from my previous post that more girls have had their babies.  Here they are in order.  Tuesday night right before bed, Cutie had her twins.

She has a buck and a doe.

Cutie’s buck (with sister in the back)

Cutie’s doe

Then Zinnia had her babies at 2:00 am on March 11th.

Zinnia washing her doe with her buck to the left

She also has a buck and a doe.

Then next morning Wanda had hers.  She is the one I’ve been worried about with her back injury.  She wouldn’t push, and I was afraid to wrestle with her to get them out, so I called the vet to help me.

Wanda and her new twins (sorry for the bad cell phone picture)

She also has a little buck and a little doe.

Wanda’s buck

Wanda and her doe

And then there’s Athena.  I thought she was going to kid Thursday night, so I wanted to shut her in the garage where it’s warmer and I don’t have to worry about wind.

Full udder with the hair away from her teats

I got her in there. Of course, I bribed her with food and then drug her through the building.  It wasn’t long before Wanda and Annie were picking on her and she escaped while I was bringing a panel in to build a pen.  Sooo… I had to catch her again and shut her in.


When I did my 1:15ish check, she had kids.  She was cleaning the second one off, and the first was getting chilled, so I took him into the soap room to warm up with heat and some colostrum from the freezer.

Athena with the doe she claimed

When I returned him to his maa, she hit him and then knocked me on my butt.  So I now have a bottle kid.  I sent him home with my mom because I worry about Sky. He’ll get spoiled by her.

Athena’s rejected buck

She is being a doting mom to her little girl.

We seem to be on a roll of the buck/doe combination. That just leaves one more for spring break kids!

Come on, Annie!  Farmer Teresa wants to sleep all night!

Kidding So Far

10 Mar

Sunday night, I went out for my before bed check at about 10:30.  I immediately heard a kid and realized it was Reva lying in the middle of the barnyard.  I got out there just as she was standing up from having the second kid.  I grabbed a towel and scooped them up.  She followed me right through the milk room and soap room and into the south stall in the garage.

Reva and babies

They are both adorable.  The lighter one is a buck and the darker one is a doe.

Here she is all dried off the next day.

Monday, just about noon, Gidget had her twins–two boys!

They are handsome fellows!

I’m thinking that truly spotted mini-Gidget would be a great buck for someone.

Then Monday night when I went out for my before bed check, I asked Victoria if she was going to wait till morning.

Victoria and her doelings

Technically, I suppose 1:00 am is morning.

It’s not what I meant, but she managed to have her two little does just fine, and I got them moved to the garage where it is a little warmer.

Everyone is doing well!  So far, these are all Xerxes babies!

Just in time for me to add it to this post, Ava had her twins–a doe and a buck!

Ava and her twins

These two are probably my last Fionn babies.

Ava’s doe

I will also likely use one of them to help me make “The Perfect Kid.”

Ava’s buck

I am quite pleased with the way kidding is going so far this year.