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Mess in the Milk Room

11 Mar

It’s been a rough winter.  That means it’s hard on the animals.  Hilda had her Sam babies, a buck and a doe, yesterday at about 5:30.  That’s too late for them to get really dry before it’s cold.  We’re still about five degrees below our historic average, and that’s a big deal at this time of year with having babies.

Hilda and babies (That’s the abscess scab on her cheek–she won’t let me take it off.)

Her kids were getting chilled, and they were kind of weak.  They were not going to make it out in the building, even with a heat lamp.

So I brought them to the milk room.  I’ve given her little girl a bottle or two just to help her get some strength, and they are both doing okay now.

We’ll see how good of a job I did with my outdoor washable paint.  I’m sure it will clean up just fine.  But the babies are doing well; that’s the important thing.  But I really hope they are stronger and out in the building by the time this post publishes this evening.


We Have Babies!

10 Mar

Reva started us off with twins yesterday.

A boy and a girl from Fionn.

Pistol’s Turn

12 Jun

When the whole herd is coming up from pasture and you see Pistol, who was due to kid yesterday, standing off by herself that generally means it’s time to have babies!


I finally got her up to the barnyard and in the Love Shack.

I was hoping to have an amazing series of birthing images (oops should have warned you about this one), but she quit pushing.

I think the baby was pressing on the nerve she had injured a couple of years ago.  When I pulled the first one, she went down.  Poor girl.  I was afraid I’d really hurt her, but she got up and started washing him off.  I pulled the second one.

I present to you her daughter, Astra.

And her son, Colt.

They are a pair of adorable Sam babies!

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