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An Annual Tree-t

4 Jan

My nephew brought the goats their annual Christmas tree-t.  Clover was right there when it was unloaded.


Soon there was a crowd all around it.  The little girls weren’t quite sure about this thing at first.

Venus, Chiffon, Clover, Aphrodite, Antigone, Myson, Cookie, Caroline, Myson, Gidget

Cupid thought it was pretty good.


Myson always makes a pig of himself.

Cookie, Myson, and Gidget

I think we need several more tree-ts to make everyone happy.

Christmas Treet

3 Jan

My nephew brought the goats a Christmas treet.

They devoured it.

I was going to finish my chores and then take a couple more pictures, but it was gone.

Now they wish they had more.

(A note on the house:  the furnace is getting fixed today; still dealing with CO.)