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23 Feb

The goats seemed to think they were just enjoying their pasture.

Someone else seems to think the goats were invading his space.

Squirrel checking out the goats

Most of the goats ignored him.

Bubbles thought he might be worth checking out.

Bubbles (the squirrel’s tail is on the other side of the rock)

Of course, he was gone by the time she could think about getting close.

Tree Climbing

18 Feb

Besides picking on Uno, the little girls had a blast climbing trees on Sunday.

Marge and Chiffon in the tree

Moira and Chiffon in the tree

Chiffon showing off her dismount skills

There’s several different trees they can climb on.

Another tree with Marge and Chiffon

Marge, Venus, Moira, and Chiffon

Marge might just gain a reputation for being a bully if she keeps it up.

Stuck in the middle

Something’s gotta give.

Venus doesn’t look too happy with losing the battle.

No, Venus, you can’t climb that one.

Time to move on to the next tree!

The big cottonwood tree!

No way, Marge!

She might be a bully, but Marge is very cute.

Dahlia Bird

21 Aug

Dahlia seems to think she’s a bird like her mom, Daisy.

Daisy and Dahlia

They both like to climb trees.

Daisy in the tree (from 2017)

Dahlia, Joy and Myson below

Now, Dahlia has found a new spot high up above the ground for napping.

Dahlia (with Aphrodite below)

I really can’t imagine that I’d like to sleep in the manure spreader,

but whatever floats your goat, Dahlia.