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Still Cleaning Up

28 Jul

Of course, July is very hot, so that seems like the best time to do work outside. Right? My dad is cleaning up some of the downed trees in the pasture because he needs dry wood for the winter.


I’m kind of struggling with this because I get really persnickity about my pasture.  I can’t help it.  I’m trying, but change is hard.

Then he had a bit of time, so he came out and we tackled the walnut tree that was downed in west side of my barnyard during last year’s derecho.

We got it taken care of!

It’s quite the change for the goats.

checking it out


I’m sure Purl is not happy with it being gone.

Purl with her feet up on all that’s left of her tree

All that’s left is to get the logs picked up and burn the scrub stuff.

Tasting my scrub brush pile–notice Purl looking like this is not right

It’s still a nice napping area.



Of course, with the drought, it will be a while before I burn anything.

Winter Activities

4 Feb

What do the goats do all winter when they can’t go out to pasture?

Chiffon standing in their hay

Cinnamon eating snow

Penelope trying to sneak out

Maybeline looking annoyed

Cupid and Pluto fighting through the fence

Hanging out and nibbling on the fallen walnut tree

More fighting between fences (Sidney and Hilda)

Haley hanging in the barn

Moira hiding from bully goats

Cutie eating leftovers (Chiffon behind)

Tiger and Myson

Did I mention fighting between fences?

That’s about it.


23 Feb

The goats seemed to think they were just enjoying their pasture.

Someone else seems to think the goats were invading his space.

Squirrel checking out the goats

Most of the goats ignored him.

Bubbles thought he might be worth checking out.

Bubbles (the squirrel’s tail is on the other side of the rock)

Of course, he was gone by the time she could think about getting close.