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More Weather Woes

14 Apr

We had two beautiful days this week that were normal April days.  Now we’re back to crappy early March weather.  Seriously.  We’ve had wind.

I woke to find the tree that I had finally accepted was going to have to come down this summer had already come down.  The one tree managed to take out two fences.

At least it didn’t touch the road.  At least it wasn’t a tornado like they had to the southwest of me.

We’ve had rain.  I don’t know why the llamas are staying outside.  They could actually walk into the barn if they wanted to.

We’ve had hail.  Luckily it was small and not very much (Actually, it’s hail you see on the llama’s back in the image above).

We’ve had snow.  At least it’s not the blizzard warning they have to the north of me.

More snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.  For Reference 29*F = -1.67*C, and our normal for this time is 61*F = 16.1*C.

Next weekend is already looking horrible.  We really need some better weather.  Now.  Last week.  Please…

The only silver lining is that it’s starting to get a bit more green out in the Back Forty.


Holy Thunderbolts of Thor!

9 Apr

When I was going out in pasture with the goats last week, I was a bit surprised when I came over the hill and saw what looked like a horrible blast of lightening had hit one of my trees.

I cannot believe how it flung some of those chunks of wood into the ground.

I’m really glad that no goats were out in pasture when it happened.

They were certainly curious about this wood being flung all over their pasture.



It was good for horn/head scratching though.

I actually think I know when it happened.  One night just as I went to bed, there was a huge clap of thunder that made the dog whine and the kitten flew out of my bed in absolute terror.  Now I know why it was so loud.  My phone did also warn me that there was a lightning strike within a few miles of Eden Hills too.  Might have been a little off in its distance.

Early Spring Storms

24 Mar

Early spring storms are the worst.  It started with rain yesterday evening.  At one point we had thunder, lightning, and hail.  Then it went back to rain.  Sometime overnight it turned into freezing rain.  I woke up to everything being frozen shut.

(Yes, I use a dog collar to fasten my redneck gate shut. Don’t judge me. It works.)

(I need a hammer to get this open before I can feed hay.)

The goats and llamas were still outside eating (notice I put a tarp over it to try and keep it a little better).

I worry about that maple tree right inside the barnyard.  It’s coated in ice and the winds are picking up.

I lost a limb from an oak tree.  Of course, it fell on my fence.

My dad already came out and helped get it off the fence because, in his words, he’d rather do it before it has a foot of snow on top.

Of course, there was wisdom in those words because we are now getting snow.

Hopefully, I don’t lose any more limbs or trees or electricity (and I am scheduling this mid-day just in case I do lose power).  I am seriously ready for real spring.