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The Last Cutting

16 Oct

Sunday, my nephew came out and mowed the buffer strip and water ways.

This will be the last round of making hay for this year.

You can see, the beans are still out there.  They are getting ready to be harvested, but we’re having as hard a time getting weather to harvest as we had for planting.

Sadly, they are not likely to sell at a price to make a profit.  It is not a good year for farming.


31 Jul

I never grew up on a farm.  When my sister started dating a farmer, that’s when I discovered I like farming.  I would help them check cows and whatever they were doing (I was a third wheel).  After they were married, my sister and I would help bale hay. Occasionally I would drive the tractor, but not very often.  When it came to raking, I couldn’t turn fast enough not to catch the rake.  Once in a while I’d pull a wagon of corn in the fall.  I never drove a tractor enough to be truly comfortable with it.  When I did drive one, I swear it never had brakes.  I like brakes.  Anyhow, my nephew raked some of the hay in my pasture yesterday.

Then he asked for a ride to get the baler.  I asked who was driving while he baled, and he informed me that I was driving. Well, that should be interesting.  I had my choice of tractors, and I chose the Hydro.  Basically, all you need to know to drive it is that the turtle is slow and the rabbit is fast (I’m simplifiying a little).  This is a newer version of the tractor I used to like driving. But this one has brakes!  I present my view for a few hours in the afternoon.

Behind me.  Okay, I hadn’t started driving yet.  The nephew was making adjustments.

Extra help while the nephew was making more adjustments because the bales kept breaking.

Odie sampling the alfalfa bale that was already in the baler.

Goat crossing.  In my defense, all those extra clumps are there because the windrows were almost too big for the baler.  My driving might have had a little to do with it too.  That’s okay, he’ll pick up what I missed when he finishes with the big round baler.

We did finally get going.  I think this was the last adjustment.  Yes, the llamas were very helpful the entire time.  I am proud to say, I did not run over a goat or llama while driving.

In the evening we gained more help, and we got three loads baled and stacked in the barn.

Hopefully, by the time this post publishes, the rest of the hay has been baled and stacked in the barn.  And hopefully, there was a different driver since we are finished on the flat part.

The Garden

9 Jun

I managed to get my garden cleaned off during the last two weekends, and my uncle came with his little green tractor on Monday.

At 95, I keep wondering how many more years he’s going to be doing this for me.  He keeps doing a better job each year.

It was ready to plant, but I just couldn’t get it done with Harley and her babies and also still working.

I finally finished teaching for the year on Thursday, and I spent Friday and Saturday getting it planted.

I think I have everything planted due to my mom’s excellent assistance.  It was her job to sit in the house with Sky so I could actually do something out there.


Because it’s so late, I planted more plants than seeds.  Because of Sky, I even put cages around the squash.  I’m going to pretend it will help keep him from pulling the plants out.

It hasn’t worked so far, so I think I’m going to try to throw some cattle panels around the garden to keep him out.

Now we just need some rain.  I swear we’ve had lots of thunder and lightning and some wind, but very little rain.

Storm that gave lots of thunder, lightning, wind and about 1/10 of an inch of rain earlier in the week.

I’m hoping we get a good rain tonight.