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Finally Time

26 Oct

I finally decided nothing was going to stop me from selling the little bucks today.  It’s way past time when I wanted to do it.  Friday evening, while the herd was out in pasture, I figured I’d start getting everyone situated.

I started by moving Joy from up north and putting her in with Tony.

Tony and Joy

I know that seems like a weird place to start with selling bucks, but I can’t let her out or she’ll be back to nursing her mom, Zinnia, who is the only goat I’m still milking.  She can stay with Tony for a little bit.

After moving Joy, I decided to let Chiffon and Venus out of the greenhouse.  They are doing much better, and they need to get out.  I feel really bad because Venus seems a bit traumatized by being sick, losing her mom, and being shut in the greenhouse.  Poor girl.  I hope being back outside will help.

Venus and Chiffon

Anyhow, my next step was catching Penny’s boys, Frisco and Pipsqueak and shutting them in the greenhouse.

Pipsqueak and Frisco

The rest of the goats up north came out right away and started checking to see if there were any leftovers in the food pans.

Bonnie, Penny, Tink, Clover, and Snow White

Don’t believe them when they say they are starved.  They got their sweet feed before I let them out.  Besides, several went back up to their pen and ate more hay after scavenging from the pans.

Clover, Snow White, Moira, Bonnie and Penny (behind)

It wasn’t long before the rest of the herd came back up from pasture.

Moose, Pepe, LilyAnn, and Myson

Penelope greeted Vulcan by beating on him.

Vulcan and Penelope

Poor boy.  He was just wormed, and I have to wait for the withdrawal period to be up.  Then he’ll get sold.  (Ringo is in the same situation.  I did eventually shut them in the greenhouse to keep them away from the girls.)

Wendy as being mean to her little sister.  I threatened to throw her in with all those bucks if she wasn’t nice.  Pretty sure she didn’t care.

Wendy and Tink (Mom, Joani, in the background not paying attention to the kids fighting)

I caught the other four bucks and put them in with Frisco and Pipsqueak.

I tell you, I am really going to miss Pepe, but I do not need another wether.


Hopefully, his parents will give me a sweet funny girl that looks just like him next year.


24 Oct

After finishing his meds, Tony was still only eating hay, despite having a bit of llama feed with him.


Then I noticed he had nibbled some. Yay!

Then the next night I had to refill it.  I’m hoping this means he’s feelling better.


20 Oct

I have to say, I’m working hard to get everyone healthy.  It’s definitely a battle, but I’m winning the battle with my two little girls.  Chiffon is really doing well, and Venus is improving too.

Chiffon and Venus

I caught Tony and (with the help of my son) put him in the Love Shack.  He’s had the meds for the ulcers.


Now I need him to quit pacing and stressing over the girls.

In order to make room for Tony in the Love Shack, I put Fionn back with the rest of the bucks.  He’s doing quite well.

I got the copper capsules in all the goats again. I still had to use the pill pusher for a handful of them. Mary (Mary Quite Contrary) was the last one.


I’m kind of irritated with myself because I accidentally gave Joani two capsules.  I have a checklist, but you can’t carry it with you because the goats will eat it, and I messed up.


I think it will be okay, but look at her.  She doesn’t even seem repentant about taking an extra one.  In fact, I’m pretty sure she was looking for a third one last night.