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Lots of Food this Weekend

28 Aug

This weekend, I finally got to do some canning.  I had tomatoes prepped in the freezer from last week, and I kept picking them throughout the week, and I was finally ready to make my spaghetti sauce Saturday.  I got five pints and one half-pint.

Look at all those peppers and onions and mushrooms!  I still plan on doing a couple of more batches of spaghetti sauce.

I also had tomatoes left over, so I made tomato juice.  I got six quarts and one pint.

I love this old jar.  I have no idea where it came from, but I love the pattern on it.

I picked more tomatoes that I’ll have to prepare and freeze in order to can next weekend.

I’ve also started making yogurt.  Today, I made raspberry yogurt from those great wild raspberries from my pasture.

Very yummy!

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