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The Garden

9 Jun

I managed to get my garden cleaned off during the last two weekends, and my uncle came with his little green tractor on Monday.

At 95, I keep wondering how many more years he’s going to be doing this for me.  He keeps doing a better job each year.

It was ready to plant, but I just couldn’t get it done with Harley and her babies and also still working.

I finally finished teaching for the year on Thursday, and I spent Friday and Saturday getting it planted.

I think I have everything planted due to my mom’s excellent assistance.  It was her job to sit in the house with Sky so I could actually do something out there.


Because it’s so late, I planted more plants than seeds.  Because of Sky, I even put cages around the squash.  I’m going to pretend it will help keep him from pulling the plants out.

It hasn’t worked so far, so I think I’m going to try to throw some cattle panels around the garden to keep him out.

Now we just need some rain.  I swear we’ve had lots of thunder and lightning and some wind, but very little rain.

Storm that gave lots of thunder, lightning, wind and about 1/10 of an inch of rain earlier in the week.

I’m hoping we get a good rain tonight.

First Day of Summer

20 Jun

My first day of summer was spent working in the garden.


I took my tiller/cultivator in to my dad, and he helped me get it running smoothly.


When I uncovered the tomatoes I had planted earlier, I actually found I had little tomatoes on them!


In between cultivating and pulling weeds, I’d take breaks.  On one of those, I found a cooperative butterfly!


Where did I find such a lovely pasture with this butterfly?


Remember, my yard is currently pasture for Sam and Xerxes.  At least my fence is working to keep the boys out of the garden.

cherry tree_9535ews

They also couldn’t get to the cherry tree, so I picked a gallon of cherries today.


Now I need to clean them and make some jams to sell for the markets.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt this week.  The items for the week are at the top of my side bar.

Random-ocity on Monday

25 May

There’s a squirrel that has taken up residence in a tree just inside the Back Forty.  I have plenty of opportunities to take pictures when I’m out there.


For some reason, he (or she) didn’t seem to want to have a video taken.  But you can see it HERE.


I checked my bean field over the weekend.  It’s sprouting!


That means we’re on our way to harvest in the fall.  Because we no-till, there’s still the leftovers from last year’s crops.  Those roots hold the soil in place to keep the soil from eroding.


I also had my uncle come and till my garden on Saturday.  We had a brief shower while he was tilling.  Then it cleared off until the overnight.

tractor tilling w

I rained all day Sunday, so I had to wait until today (about thirty minutes ago) to start planting.  It will probably be an all week event.  Plus we have rain in the forecast for most of the week, so I don’t know when I’ll get my row stuff planted.


I’m excited to have a garden again.  I really missed not having one last summer.

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