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Friday’s Leftovers

3 Sep

With going back to teaching, I might have to make Friday’s Leftovers a weekly thing.

It’s hard to find a time to give Aurora her extra feed now that I’m back at work.

Sky and Tiger

The peacock has lost all of his tail.


Cupid and Pongo


Myson napping on the hill (yes, it scares me)

Odie is glad it’s not as hot this week

I am looking forward to a long weekend.

Friday Leftovers

27 Aug

Well, one full week is in the books at school.  I assume I survived; although, this was prescheduled because the start of the year is always crazy.

Sky and Tiger

Mother goose and her baby

Hera and Chiffon–it’s a good thing I’m weaning kids. My moms need a break.

LilyAnn and Jasmine


Pinta will hopefully be leaving this weekend.

The gosling likes it’s little pool.

Reva also needs a break from kids, and she will be retiring.

Sylvia. I have not had any luck (or time) getting her to tame down.

Zinnia’s kids are getting big. (Jack and Ivy)


I’m looking forward to a nice weekend.  Enjoy yours as well.

Cats and Dog

20 Aug

Bob is driving me crazy.  He’s had so many fights this summer, and then there’s mornings he doesn’t show up.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent half a day wandering the farm calling to him, afraid he’s hurt.

Bob Cat

I wish I could make him a house cat, but that would be dangerous to the other cats, the dog, and me.

Rocky on the table; Tiger on the stool; Bob on the floor

You can see in the picture above that Tiger seems a bit nervous.  He does get nervous around Bob.  That kitten is usually tackling Rocky and doing whatever he wants.  I even got him another scratching toy to try and give him some entertainment besides annoying Rocky.

I will also say that food has really darkened him up.  He was mostly a gray color when I found him, but now he’s a more traditional brown tiger cat.

I would hate for Rocky to feel left out, so here he is in his favorite position.  He cracks me up.

One reason I was so surprised that my dog was actually good when he got with the goats is because his hobby is barking at goats and trying to get them to jump at him.

Maisie and Sky

It doesn’t work with Maisie.  She has no time for his nonsense, and she just ignores him.

I wish they all did.  And a bonus of Sky and Tiger.

They do make me laugh.