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Things With Wings

4 Aug

I totally haven’t even had time to share the crop duster pictures I took.

One day when I was scooping the barn, it appeared.

It wasn’t spraying my field, but it did go right over my farm.

Because the goats are chickens, I had to take a break until it was done.  I’m never opposed to taking a break anyhow, but when I get to take some pictures on that break, it’s even better.

There have been a ton of crop dusters this year.

I haven’t seen many butterflies this year. I did manage to capture a swallowtail on the clover.

I was thrilled when I had a pair of red spotted purples in the yard.

I just wish I could have gotten one to give me a full open view of those beautiful blue wings.

Monday Leftovers

16 May

I’ve been playing with the camera, and I have a lot of pictures I haven’t shared because it’s also been really busy.  So today is all leftovers!



My crab apple is blooming.

turkey vulture


The bobolinks are back!


lady red-winged blackbird

Baltimore Oriole


This bobolink must be new because he’s awfully shy.

eastern meadowlark

Baltimore Oriole




Tiger turned 1-year-old on May 5th.


A beautiful sunset from last week.

Have a great new week.


30 Jun

I am really enjoying the birds this summer.  You know there’s going to be bobolink pictures.


Yep.  There were two males engaged in a little territory spat.

The juvenile eastern meadowlark was out there.

eastern meadowlark

The fritillary was enjoying the flowers in pasture.


I noticed this nest of barn swallows.

Two days later when I went out, this little one was sitting on the floor beneath the nest.  After a couple of pictures, s/he flew off.

barn swallow

It looks like the rest of them are about ready to fly away too.

The recent rains have made it easy for the butterflies, including the admiral below, to find a drink.

admiral butterfly

I also saw a red-tailed hawk being mobbed by the blackbirds.

red-tailed hawk and red-winged blackbird

I captured my first black swallowtail of the season.

Lots of things flying around out there!