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Another Update on Haley

9 Jun

The vet came back last Monday to change her bandage again.  You might remember that there was pus squirting out last time we changed it, but there were still antibiotic pellets in there, and I continued her antibiotic shots.  This time, it was much better.  That means I’m still optimistic she will fully recover.

looking good in pink

But this girl is aging me with all the worry.  Bless my vet.  I didn’t know this was going to be weekly visits for the rest of his career (okay, it just feels like it).  I am grateful to him for the after care he has been giving her.

She is much happier in the north paddock with her daughter and grandkids.

Going from one hut to another

A gratuitous  picture of Zinnia and her kids (Jack in front; Ivy in back).

She has actually started using the foot to stand on.

watching the peacock

She doesn’t just hold it high and awkward anymore.  She is taking baby steps.  She continues to eat well and gain weight and strength.

She hopped in there by herself; she hops out too.

Please keep sending her good thoughts.  We do still need them, and the vet will be back on Monday to change the bandage and check on her again.

Ready to Fight

29 May

Haley is cranky with still being in the Love Shack.  I did let her out into the pen outdoors.

Haley getting laid down outside

That helps, but she’s still not happy.

Cheering her up with peanuts

She is not happy with the continued shots of antibiotics and pain meds and bandage changes and being away from the herd. But she is improving.  The surgical wounds are healing.

It won’t be long until she can go up north with my soon-to-be-kidding girls.

Haley’s daughter, Zinnia

Until then, she’ll have to settle for trying to fight through the fence.

Haley and Bambi

I’m glad Bambi wasn’t too into fighting.

Silly goats.

Getting Spoiled

26 May

Haley is continuing with her treatment.  She will still be on antibiotics (a shot every four days) until the end of the month.  She is getting pain meds every other day for a little while longer.

Haley eating some sweet feed

I do still have her shut in the Love Shack.  She is feeling well enough to look out the door and wish I’d let her out.

Haley with Tippy and Tara outside; Haley will get that pen when it’s dry.

I can do that once it dries off a bit, but the most important thing right now is to keep that foot clean and dry.

She did have her first bandage change with the help of my vet.  I’m a wimp.

Her foot looks really good, so we just need to keep on doing what we’re doing.

Yes, I cut her scrub mulberry trees and grass every day.

And don’t worry, she’s getting plenty spoiled!