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We Made It

19 Feb

We are finally past this horrible, horrible cold streak.  Don’t get me wrong, we get those temperatures sometimes, but not for this long.  The longer it goes on, the more it wears on the animals.

I was worried about Myson and Hilda.

I finally ended up putting Blaze in the garage too.

Blaze hiding in the Ranger

She wasn’t too happy with the rest of the company.  They did pick on her, but it was better than freezing to death.

Bambi and Flower (3rd and 4th oldest goats on the farm)

I put Antigone back in the buck room because that was a better option than the cranky old ladies.

Antigone (still under the heat lamp) and Astra

And, honestly, Dolly is her grandmaa, and she was being mean too.  They drive me crazy.

Dolly (the oldest one on the farm)

Anyhow, we got through the coldest night.  It was -22°F when I got up Tuesday morning.  But it’s all getting better.

By the time I got home Tuesday afternoon, the sun was shining.

That led to icicles!

The animals were all standing outside.

Popcorn has done well despite the cold

Even Aurora came out to enjoy the sunshine.  Although, it only took about two days for her to get really demanding about having a big bowl of calf started served to her.

Litha, Aurora, and Trace

I fed them hay outside for the first time in days.

When I went back out with my camera, I forgot my gloves.  Honestly, the still wind, sunshine, and three positive degrees felt positively balmy.

Freddie and Tiger



Of course, the clear skies mean that it was cold and dropping again by evening.  It didn’t take long for them to go back inside.

Litha (the 2nd oldest goat on the farm) in her favorite spot; Aurora and Flora behind her

I am thrilled to see the sun set on this horrible streak of cold weather.

By next week, we’re looking at forty degrees for at least one day.

Happy New Year

1 Jan

I am looking forward to a beautiful and better 2021.  We had hoarfrost both yesterday and this morning.

Odie and the ISU cows on New Year’s Eve morning.

That always makes for a beautiful start to the day.

First morning of 2021–Xerxes, Astra, and Antigone

So I was happy to start the new year with that beauty as well.

Our New Year’s Eve sunset was also fabulous!

Last sunset of 2020

If I needed more evidence that the new year is going to be a good one, I’m going to look at my current knitting project as 2020 went out the door.  It certainly seemed to reflect the whole of 2020.

Your wip should never look like this.

It was a pattern with horrible directions.  But this morning, I kept working, and I think I’ve managed to salvage it.  I’m still working on finishing the hood.

I just hope it fits the little farm hand.

Sky playing outside

Everyone here at Eden Hills hopes you all have a wonderful new year as well.

More Winter Scenes

15 Dec

This was our first snow since we had a couple of freak snows in October, so this is really like the first snow of the season.  I always enjoy the first snow.

Three generations standing in the barn door to stay out of the wind: Poppy, Bambi, and Daisy

The whole gang eating hay (well, some were in the barn)

Luckily, it wasn’t too cold. The geese still had their buckets.

Eating: Athena and Cinnamon in front

A few young ones braved pasture: Margarita, Chiffon, Penelope in front; Marin and Popcorn in back

I’m not sure Litha appreciated sharing the Love Shack with Aurora

Can you tell how much Odie likes eating with goats? Not at all would be the correct answer(Reva in front).

Sky looking at the white world

Our sunset after the snow was done.

Come February, I probably won’t be so thrilled with its beauty, but for now, I’m content to share some of it with you.