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Good. Random. Fun.

30 Aug

We were supposed to have a sunny day today, but I think the smoke from the wildfires out west blocked all the sun.  At least the sun looked awfully odd this afternoon, like it did when the news was reporting weather like this was caused by Canadian wildfires.  I do hope things improve out West.


SOOC image taken about 4 in the afternoon

The only place to see the sun around here today was the little sunflower that survived the yard goats.


I made some more candles today.  That’s probably what I’ll be doing any free moment I have.  It takes a lot to have a true store to open.

chunk candle_5990ew

Sundrenched Vineyard

Today’s fragrances were sundrenched vineyard, milk and honey and pumpkin honey chai.

soy candle_5988aw

pumpkin honey chai soy candles

I didn’t do any more canning today, but I have tomatoes that are ready again.  I’ll worry about that tomorrow.


I’m hoping to have the last of my canning done by the end of next weekend.  That will be a great task done.

Surprise Thunderstorm

24 Jul

I know that the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, but today’s storm seemed to come out of nowhere.  I know they said very slight chance this evening and then too hot to have rain.  Um.  Tell that to the goats that got stuck out in pasture when the storm hit.  I didn’t even get my boys’ tarp on the north side.  Luckily, it came mostly from the east, and they weathered it well.

rain ew

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture.

Stella didn’t fare so well.  I think she’s a bit unhappy with the goats taking over her greenhouse.  I didn’t go look, but it seems they might have taken over the dog house too.  Poor pup.

Great Pyrenees_4258ew

The hay also did not need 1/2 – 3/4 inches of rain just as my nephew was getting ready to rake it.


The sunflower is pretty though.


See, I found a silver lining.

Home Sweet Home

11 Jul

I made it home from Iowa City, and I have lots to tell you about what’s been going on while I was gone and since I’ve returned.


It’s taking me a bit to get caught up, but hopefully, I can do a real post tomorrow.