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Playing Wordless Wednesday

1 Mar
Herminia and Hercules

Herminia and Hercules

Farm Scenes

23 Dec

I’m very busy today getting ready for family tomorrow evening, so I’m just sharing a few more pictures from checking the cows.

This stump has been here longer than I’ve owned the farm, but this is the first time I’ve noticed this knothole.

I kind of like it, especially with those bright blue skies behind it.

It adds a bit of interest to an otherwise brown countryside.  We’re certainly not going to have a white Christmas this year.

I also noticed wind turbines.  I’ve never seen these here before.

How could they put up that many wind turbines without me noticing?  Really, I want to know when this happened.

I’m glad we are using our wind for clean renewable electricity, but for charm, I really do prefer my old windmill.

Seriously, now I’ve got to get back to baking and cleaning.  Hope you are getting ready for whatever festivities you may have planned this weekend.

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