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What About Them?

20 Aug

I shared yesterday that I really stress about going back to work because of my goats.

Well, what about the dog and cats?

Sky and Rocky

Sky has spent most of his summer lounging in the house.


Of course, when I left  him out overnight one night (He wanted to. It was nice.), he decided to play by throwing my little strawberry pots all over the patio and deck.

“I was just playing. Don’t put me in jail!” -Sky

I went ahead and planted them in the tower, even though their roots were really just getting started.

The next morning, while I was milking goats, Rocky decided to play in the dirt.


He even pulled one plant out and left it laying on the carpet.  I had to repot them and move it to the front porch for now. I also had to add a couple more because Sky played outside in the strawberries again.

I’m kind of afraid to see what trouble they are going to cause when I go back to work.  Snickers has been lounging on the deck most of the summer, but I won’t be able to let him out now.  I don’t want him to end up on the roof again.

He is also really losing ground with his weight.  I’ve been feeding him numerous times every day.  Now he’s decided that he can’t eat the canned cat food again.  I’m back to cooking an egg for him every morning and evening.  Thank heavens the chickens and goats keep him in food!

I don’t know about the animals, but I already have separation anxiety.

After One Week

17 Jun

Last Monday was my last day teaching, and I think we’re settling into summer mode here on the farm.  Sky is implementing his plan of lounging in the house.  He goes between the pillows and the air conditioner vent.


Snickers is embracing his role a supervisor.  He is into supervises everything I do.


He did approve my job of planting strawberries.

Although, you can see I still have lots of work to do in the yard.  The rainy spring made has made it hard to make much progress outside.  I did, however, get the garden completely planted.

The hen is still free ranging.  I also have Mama Phoenix set up so I can put her outside for some fresh air.  I also gave her time to take a dirt bath the other day.  She’s doing amazingly well.

Mama Phoenix, free range hen, and Nugget

Not only do I have a hen free ranging, but one gosling decided that it was a good idea.  Sadly, the other gosling died in a freak accident.

The kids are growing.


Zinnia and Joy

Even though  he’s still tiny compared to Frisco, Penny’s littlest boy, Pipsqueak is getting bigger.

Frisco and Pipsqueak

Lucky enjoys bouncing on his maa, Bambi.

Lucky and Bambi

The March kids are really getting big!


I guess this is one way to get my gutters cleaned out.

All of my hiking in the back Forty looking for kids has given me plenty of opportunities to bird watch and see dragonflies.  Sadly, I seldom have my camera at those times.

red headed woodpecker and Baltimore oriole


I am so glad to be on summer break!


10 Jun

I have to say that I am really lucky to be where I’m at.  We’re wet.  Planting has been a struggle, but we haven’t had any of the devastating floods they have all around us.  Finally, last Monday, I looked into the field and saw tracks.  They managed to get in and plant.  It was obviously still too wet, but it is done.

I noticed those tracks when I was up checking out the garden.  It was tilled Monday evening!  Seriously, this is the first it’s been dry enough to till.

I brought my gardening stuff up there and the planting began on Tuesday!

I am so glad we put the hydrant in, so I have water right there and don’t have to carry it like the last time I had a garden up here.

It’s still a work in progress because of work, goats, heat, and such, but I’m getting there.  So far the deer have only sampled one cherry tomato (pulled it right out of the ground and left it to die).

I was worse than the deer because I didn’t make it up there to water the ones still waiting to be put in the ground.  Unfortunately, I lost a few plants. It will all be good though.

tomato and pepper plants

It should be completely planted in the next day or so.  I also got a few strawberry plants to put in pots.  Sadly, they were neglected too.

I put them in the sink and poured water on them every time I walked past, and they seem to have made a pretty amazing recovery!

Now I need to get them in pots too.