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Simply Stella

4 Sep

It’s not often I get good pictures of Stella.  It’s because she’s usually up and coming towards me as soon as she spots me, or she’s already plastered against me.

Stella Diana Marie Slobbers

Stella Diana Marie Slobbers

Unfortunately, it was our horrid heat (95*F/35*C) that kept her sitting in the shade when I came outside.  Poor girl much prefers winter.

Surprise Thunderstorm

24 Jul

I know that the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, but today’s storm seemed to come out of nowhere.  I know they said very slight chance this evening and then too hot to have rain.  Um.  Tell that to the goats that got stuck out in pasture when the storm hit.  I didn’t even get my boys’ tarp on the north side.  Luckily, it came mostly from the east, and they weathered it well.

rain ew

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture.

Stella didn’t fare so well.  I think she’s a bit unhappy with the goats taking over her greenhouse.  I didn’t go look, but it seems they might have taken over the dog house too.  Poor pup.

Great Pyrenees_4258ew

The hay also did not need 1/2 – 3/4 inches of rain just as my nephew was getting ready to rake it.


The sunflower is pretty though.


See, I found a silver lining.

An All-Over-the-Place Song-ography

5 May

I was anxious to get some of my garden in over the weekend, so I burned the leftover brush that was out there.


I was going to plant my garlic and then see if I could get my uncle to come till the rest of it with his big tiller.  But my tiller wasn’t working.


Then the rain came.  I haven’t made any progress other than getting it burned.  I’m extra anxious to get my garden going because I didn’t get to have one last year with my foot surgery.  I’m almost out of several things. The most distressing to me is the roasted tomato sauce.


I only have three jars left.  While I would have enjoyed sitting out on the deck eating at my little bistro table this evening, two things kept me from doing it.  First, it’s still raining.



And second, Stella.  Whenever I sit outside, she promptly comes up and puts her big nose under my elbow and not-so-gently tosses it up to let me know that she really wants me to pet her.  If I tried eating out there, I’d end up throwing a meatball over my head.


I guess that means I’ll stick with sitting at the coffee table and watching the news while I check my e-mail.  The joys of being single!

Sharing with Song-ography where this week’s song is Billy Joel’s Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.