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Spring Walks

13 May

Even though it’s been really busy, I’m trying to make sure to take time to enjoy some walks in pasture.



red-winged blackbird

northern flicker

some kind of oriole nest

another sparrow

red-bellied woodpecker


I do love this time of year!

My New Friend

1 May

I brought a new friend home with me.  After months of supply chain issues making it impossible to get a new camera to replace mine (I’ve been using the old backup camera for months), I was finally able to order one to be delivered to a Best Buy close to me.

All buckled in and ready to come home.

I confess, I ordered this when I was totally sleep deprived.  I was just going to get the body and use the lenses I already had, but I ended up ordering the kit with the lenses.  I am thrilled.  The new lens is way lighter and makes it easier to not have shake with my long shots.  I am practicing on birds.

I think I’m in love!





Dolly and her kid




You might have photo overload for a while as I’m playing and getting comfortable with it.

Signs of Spring

27 Mar

We are cold this weekend.  And we have more crazy cold, warm, cold, rain-and-snow mix weather coming all week, so I am looking for spring wherever I can find it. Probably the most obvious proof that spring is here is eggs–my goose has started laying.

little too big for the carton

Bob is with me.  He wants to be outside.


He looks happy out there rolling in the sun, shielded from the wind by the house.

“If you’d quit bringing kittens home, I’d still be napping in the house.” -Bob

There are robins everywhere!  This one obviously did not want to be a model, but you can see there’s green in the grass as he/she was fluttering around.


Speaking of green, I can see green in the pasture!  Granted, I didn’t make it any closer because the wind was horrible and my face was freezing, so I went back to the house.

And Lemuel is eating every bit of green grass he can as soon as it is comes up in the pen. Hopefully, I can move them back to the front pasture soon.

Lemuel (keeping his eyes on me so that I don’t try to come any closer)

A cardinal!


Okay, the cardinal is not a sign of spring. They are here year-round, but he was way more cooperative than the robin, so I’m sharing him too.

Babies! Kids in pasture are a sure sign of spring.

Hera with her kids, Lady and Tramp

There’s also blue skies.  Although, again, the squirrel looks as cold as I felt.

squirrel eating last summer’s walnuts

But the sun is moving north, and the days are longer. I got out there too close to the real sunset to be able to get a good shot.  Dang.


I am so ready for real warmth and spring days.