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Cranky Girls

23 Jun

Maybeline seems to have settled down a bit since being sheared for summer.  She will actually let me pet her and she’s been more friendly again.


She was just standing in the barn yesterday, minding her own business.  I was just sizing her up to try and decide if she’s going to have a cria or not.

Then I went out and admired Aurora.  I have to do that every time I see her.


I also saw Odie and wondered if she was going to have a cria.


Then I went to check on Vinnie and heard a noise.  I went to the barn, followed closely by Aurora who seems to have become my shadow.  When I looked in it was all necks flailing and spit flying.

I don’t get it.  Seriously.


Need a Napkin?

21 Feb

Excuse me, Maybeline.  You seem to have a glob of…um…spit on your face.

If you don’t like it, you should probably quit spitting.

You too, Buster!

I really don’t get it.  There are plenty of piles of hay to eat from, but, no, we have to spit.


Lladies Don’t Spit

5 Nov

But llamas do.  It looks like Odie went on a spitting rampage.


The first time I saw one of the llamas with that bottom lip hanging, I thought something was seriously wrong.  Nope.  Just spitting.

Looks like they had quite the war since Maybeline’s lip is hanging too.

Odie and Maybeline

I don’t know why they do that because they obviously do not like the taste afterwards.  Silly lladies.  (Maybe they should have crias and see if that improves their mood.)