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Food Fight Part II

29 Jul

You might recall that I’m feeding Aurora extra feed to try and put weight on her before winter gets here.  Odie has some issues with not being fed also, even though she’s already plenty heavy.

Odie is not a skinny llama.

Every time I let a goat in the milk room, Aurora’s right there begging for food.

Aurora steaming over my window.

Haley gets to come in and eat because I want to make sure she gets plenty with her bum foot; although, she is doing really well.

As soon as she comes in,  I put the pan out for Aurora.

Dolly also comes in because she’s old and has bad teeth.  These two old goat ladies race for the door and push each other to be first.  When Haley wins (and she pretty much always wins), I have Dolly standing outside waiting rather impatiently.

But it doesn’t take long until I let her in and kick Haley out.  If Aurora isn’t done, then I have to go out and referee.

Okay, I have to tell Haley to go away.  So far, Aurora has been pretty nice about not just stomping or spitting on Haley.

I can’t say the same in her treatment of Odie when she gets pushy.

Cranky llady does not share her food.

Food Fight

25 Jun

Without fail, Dolly shows up for her afternoon snack in the milk room.


Without fail, she and Aurora both race to the milk room.

Dolly and Aurora

Dolly gets to come in and eat every day.

I try to feed Aurora.

I can tell she’s starting to get her fat packs built back up along her backbone.  She’ll need that for winter.

Compared to Odie she looks skinny, but she is not too bad; llamas are not supposed to be heavy bodied.

So I always try to give her some extra feed.  Some days it works out perfectly to feed the two of them.

But what frequently happens is that Odie notices Aurora getting some feed.

Then, she has to come over.  That does not make Aurora happy.  She does not want to share her food, and I don’t want to feed an already fat llama.

Odie is not happy that she doesn’t get some food too.

When Odie gets close, it turns into a food fight.

There is occasionally spitting.


30 Jan

Aurora is always very elegant and ladylike.  Execpt, when she doesn’t know I’m watching.

Aurora and Maybeline (Astra too)

As soon as I said her name, she quit the challenge to spit and looked sweet and innocent again.

Silly llama.  And what is Astra doing?


She was trying to snag an extra serving of hay from the barn.

Because, you know, I never feed them.  Silly goat.