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Happy New Year

1 Jan

I am looking forward to a beautiful and better 2021.  We had hoarfrost both yesterday and this morning.

Odie and the ISU cows on New Year’s Eve morning.

That always makes for a beautiful start to the day.

First morning of 2021–Xerxes, Astra, and Antigone

So I was happy to start the new year with that beauty as well.

Our New Year’s Eve sunset was also fabulous!

Last sunset of 2020

If I needed more evidence that the new year is going to be a good one, I’m going to look at my current knitting project as 2020 went out the door.  It certainly seemed to reflect the whole of 2020.

Your wip should never look like this.

It was a pattern with horrible directions.  But this morning, I kept working, and I think I’ve managed to salvage it.  I’m still working on finishing the hood.

I just hope it fits the little farm hand.

Sky playing outside

Everyone here at Eden Hills hopes you all have a wonderful new year as well.

Summer is Here

1 Jun

Summer is in full swing around here.

Baltimore oriole and sparrow







red-winged blackbird



Baltimore oriole



I love the look of summer on the farm.

Wild Birds

19 May

I’ve been enjoying the wild birds on the farm.

Baltimore oriole

barn swallows

gray catbird

red-bellied woodpecker

eastern meadowlark


Eastern Kingbird

gray catbird

red-winged blackbird pair

barn swallows

Baltimore oriole

Eastern meadowlark with a robin flying in


But I still haven’t seen any of the bobolinks yet this summer.  I do hope they come back to nest.