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The Soap Room is Open

1 Dec

Another project I accomplished over the weekend was to get the soap room set up to have visitors back to the farm for shopping!

fine art prints

Mom does the Barbie clothes; My dad made the wooden toy fence.

Wall hangings my dad made.

Feather earrings my mom made.

Dad also does the trucks

hand knit rugs

feed bag totes and scarves

book art and candles


note cards and stuff

feathers, candles, and stuff

wax melts, knit hats and stuff

Christmas ornaments

Recipe holders my mom and sister made.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas out there.

A Third Knitting Project

19 Dec

After finishing the baby blanket, I wanted to try a dish cloth, but I didn’t have the right kind of yarn.  I’m not very patient, so I decided to try the pattern with the left overs from my scarf.

It kind of looked like a Barbie bikini to start with.

I kept with it, and it turned out pretty good.  I’m thinking this one would be better as a hot pad, but I can live with that.

Of course, I still have way too much help.


Since I liked the pattern, I got some 100% cotton yarn and tried it again.

I really like it now!

It has an eyelet design at the edge.

I want to keep making these and be able to add them to the soap room for sale.

I always wanted to have a store with a lot of variety, something a person could visit over and over and always find something new.  I think this will be a good addition.  I’m working on getting enough made to put them out there.

I also plan to do a lot of work in the soap room over my winter break because I really need to get it back to a point I can be open on the weekends again.  It’s been a rough year to keep up out there, and the lack of farmer’s market did not help.

I miss that.  I need to find a new farmer’s market for next summer.

First, I need to worry about cleaning and doing a floor job, and I might need to make some more soaps over break too.

Ideas for the Pumpkin Patch

9 Jul

Sometime this last week or so, it hit me that we’re only two months away from the opening of the pumpkin patch for 2016.  It’s actually going to start two weeks earlier this year, so we’ll open on September 17th.  We have a building improvement in the works, and I have a big sign being made to put on the building.  I dug out my little advertising sign and have attached it to my table at the weekly farmer’s market.


I have so many ideas running around in my head that it’s almost overwhelming. It was good last year, but I hope people come back and bring their friends and discover that we have new, more fun activities and even better items for sale.


I got this cute little corner shelf.  I’ll move it and my regular soap racks up to the pumpkin patch.  That will give people better shopping as well as more room for other items.  I have people interested in putting their craft items in the shop also.  We’ll see how that goes or if it happens.


Right now, the corner shelf has my lotions on it.  I had to make three batches of lotion this week, and now I have another to make.  That’s a good thing!  I also have making wax melts and soy candles on the agenda for this week.


I hope I’ll soon have my liquid soap (in three fragrances and unscented) on one of the shelves.  Notice the nipples. That means we have bottle kids.  To be precise, ten kids are getting supplemental bottles.


I made four batches of soap this week, including cherry blossom, which is a new soap fragrance.  I already  have it in lotion, candles, and wax melts, and I will use it in liquid soap too.  I’m waiting on an order for my pomegranate fragrance, and then I’ll make three more batches of soap.


Kentish Rain, Clean Coconut, Cherry Blossom, and Candy

I am trying really hard to get my inventory ready for the pumpkin patch.  With a three week curing time, if it isn’t ready for the start of the market, it’s not going to happen.


I’m also trying to figure out where to put the petting zoo this year so my bottle kids will be comfortable and we can still keep a close eye on them.


I am putting my parents to work with some of the fun activity ideas too.  I’ll share those as they get done.  I am looking for food vendors and local bands.  I’m also still hoping my pumpkins grow and produce lots of pumpkins too.  I don’t think I’ll plan on sleeping between now and November 1st!

You do still have time to join me for Friday’s Hunt if you want.  The items are listed at the top of my side bar.