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Kids Enjoying the Sunshine

2 Apr

I am not the only one enjoying the better weather this week.  The kids were soaking it up too.



Butterscotch and Scooter


Lainey and Lou


I don’t know-I think it’s one of Zinnia’s

They make me smile.

Sweet Dreams

5 Mar

I always talk about the lasting family bonds with the goats.  At two years old, Antigone is still a little mama’s girl.

Antigone sleeping on her maa, Pistol.

I think she must be having the sweetest dreams the way she looks.

Sweet Playful Babies

5 Apr

The kids are really getting to a fun age.  They are still sweet snuggle babies, but they are also getting to be wild things!

Angela leaping over maa, Astra

Gouda loves his maa Hilda

Top: Michael and Gouda; Bottom: Gouda, Michael, Pocahontas, and Squanto

Michael snuggled by Reva

Smee (sticking the landing) playing on the log with Jas


Snow White, Doc, and Bashful

Squanto, Gouda, and Snow White

Tinkerbell’s “did you bring a bottle” look


Squanto and Snow White

It’s a lot of fun to watch them now.