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Sweet Playful Babies

5 Apr

The kids are really getting to a fun age.  They are still sweet snuggle babies, but they are also getting to be wild things!

Angela leaping over maa, Astra

Gouda loves his maa Hilda

Top: Michael and Gouda; Bottom: Gouda, Michael, Pocahontas, and Squanto

Michael snuggled by Reva

Smee (sticking the landing) playing on the log with Jas


Snow White, Doc, and Bashful

Squanto, Gouda, and Snow White

Tinkerbell’s “did you bring a bottle” look


Squanto and Snow White

It’s a lot of fun to watch them now.



1 Mar

It is really nice when everyone gets along.

Sky and Snickers

Usually it’s when they are sleeping.

Just Sleeping

12 Aug

Maybeline is just sleeping and sunbathing, but is it any wonder she scares me?

It drives me crazy when they are all flopped out looking dead.

In other news, I took this first picture (all these were on my phone) without noticing all I was getting was her belly, but I think it looks big.

I think it looks like a cria in just over two months big.  I hope.  I hope.  I hope.