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Just Sleeping

12 Aug

Maybeline is just sleeping and sunbathing, but is it any wonder she scares me?

It drives me crazy when they are all flopped out looking dead.

In other news, I took this first picture (all these were on my phone) without noticing all I was getting was her belly, but I think it looks big.

I think it looks like a cria in just over two months big.  I hope.  I hope.  I hope.


Can a Llama have Narcolepsy?

5 Jun

When I was out doing herbal wormer last weekend, Llenny was out there with everyone.  He doesn’t eat with them, but he was checking things out and wandering around.  I was yelling things like, “Get out of my way.  Watch your horns.  Don’t run over the kids.”



In the middle of all this chaos, Llenny just suddenly laid down all flopped out on his side.  I was a little worried, so I went and checked him out.  He was sleeping!  I got really close, and he suddenly woke up and nearly hit my face with his.

sleeping llama_0851ew

About a day later, Llenny was standing at the fence looking in the yard.  By the time I walked through the gate, he was flopped out sleeping soundly again.

sleeping llama_0852ew

How odd!  Now I wonder if a llama can suffer from narcolepsy.  (By the way, I did try to take the tick off his eye, but he woke up.  He got it off himself later.)

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A Beautiful Day

25 Jan

Today’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items:  relax, weather, light, looking down, and in my cup.

Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to relax in the barnyard.   Moose was cozy out in the leftover hay.



Harley thought her mom made a good pillow.

Harley, Stormy & Haley

Harley, Stormy & Haley

Blaze thought her daughter made a good pillow.  Since they were both in with the boys to be bred, they were quite happy to be back with each other.

Blaze napping on Gidget

Blaze napping on Gidget

Joe wasn’t in with a buck, but her daughter, Joani, was, so she is happy to have her back too.  Joe was shaking her head and biting at any goat who walked too close to them.  I don’t think it was motherly protection as much as interfering with her photo shoot.  She does love the camera!

Joani and Joe

Joani and Joe

I climbed up on the huge pile of hay bales and took this picture looking down at the goats.

Goats in barn

Of course Bud was watching me because he might get a bit of food.  After all, I was standing on his supper.



Meg was lying in the barn.  I guess she was enjoying the sunlight from a distance rather than soaking up all those rays.



I love those goatie eyes.

Minnie's eye (in macro)

Minnie’s eye (in macro)

I’m glad they all got to enjoy the weather yesterday.  I’m glad I got to take a walk in pasture while it was 50*F (10*C) because our weather is not near as nice today.


Today we have snow and wind.  Yuck.

There’s always that one prompt that doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of my post.  Today’s is in my cup.  I thought about showing you my split pea soup.  It’s the latest dry soup mix I tried making.  It’s pretty good, but I want to tweak it just a bit and see how it does as a crock pot soup.

Split Pea Soup

I also thought about showing you my lovely tea cup from my sister and let you know I’m still enjoying the flowers I got last weekend.

Flower Cup of tea

Obviously, I couldn’t make up my mind.  Hope you have a great week!

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