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1 Mar

It is really nice when everyone gets along.

Sky and Snickers

Usually it’s when they are sleeping.


Just Sleeping

12 Aug

Maybeline is just sleeping and sunbathing, but is it any wonder she scares me?

It drives me crazy when they are all flopped out looking dead.

In other news, I took this first picture (all these were on my phone) without noticing all I was getting was her belly, but I think it looks big.

I think it looks like a cria in just over two months big.  I hope.  I hope.  I hope.

Can a Llama have Narcolepsy?

5 Jun

When I was out doing herbal wormer last weekend, Llenny was out there with everyone.  He doesn’t eat with them, but he was checking things out and wandering around.  I was yelling things like, “Get out of my way.  Watch your horns.  Don’t run over the kids.”



In the middle of all this chaos, Llenny just suddenly laid down all flopped out on his side.  I was a little worried, so I went and checked him out.  He was sleeping!  I got really close, and he suddenly woke up and nearly hit my face with his.

sleeping llama_0851ew

About a day later, Llenny was standing at the fence looking in the yard.  By the time I walked through the gate, he was flopped out sleeping soundly again.

sleeping llama_0852ew

How odd!  Now I wonder if a llama can suffer from narcolepsy.  (By the way, I did try to take the tick off his eye, but he woke up.  He got it off himself later.)

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