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Who Didn’t Get Caught

13 Oct

I mentioned I didn’t get all the girls caught and put in with the bucks.  I actually did better than I thought I might.  I was impressed I got Hilda in with Xerxes.   She was supposed to be with Zeus, but there’s no way I was dragging her there.  At least she’s with a buck.


Still, I have four girls that I didn’t get caught.  After dragging Daisy across the barnyard to put with Zeus, there’s no way I was trying another difficult one.


LilyAnn is in that same category.  She is way too much like her big sister Vinnie.  I’ll get her with a buck for June.


Sidney would not have been bad to catch, but she did struggle raising her boys this year, so I thought I’d give her another copper capsule that could go just to her.  We’ll see if she gets a year off or if I put her with a boy for June babies.


Joani is also still looking like she needs a rest.


After all, she did raise my only set of triplets this year, and she still has Wendy with her.


Then there’s Maisie.  I just looked at her and decided she was fat and nasty tempered, and I was not about to deal with that while I was sick.


We’ll put her with Fionn for June babies (but not in the Love Shack).

Lazy Days of Summer

12 Jul

I have been quite busy this summer, but everyone else around here seems to be taking it easy this summer.

Betty Lou











Must be nice!

Always On the Wrong Side

5 Jun

I swear I always have kids on the wrong side of a fence.  I had these four little stinkers on one side of the new fence and the rest of the herd was on the other side.  I had to herd them all the way along the fence to get to the gate.  Once they went through the gate, they took off running.

Clark, Angela, Moira, and Doc

They were happy to be able to get back to the herd.

Almost every evening, I have a handful of kids who end up in the buffer strip along the bean field.  This night Snow White was crying.

Snow White

As soon as I opened the panel she came running through while Trooper kept eating.


Snow White was hungry too.

Carolline with Snow White

I think it’s about time to move the rest of these little escape artists up north with my already weaned kids.  They’re certainly big enough to be weaned.

Sidney feeding Bashful and Doc

Then I’ll only have to worry about tracking down the June babies when they make it out to pasture.  Although, Cookie is already having the same problem with her girls.

Cookie watching Chiffon and Marge

They just slip through that cattle panel like it’s not even there.

Cookie finds it annoying.

Aurora likes it.  She gets to check them out.

I’ve never seen a llama who likes the little babies the way she does.

I guess that’s a good thing.  It doesn’t look like I’m going to have all my kids corralled for quite a while though.