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9 Dec

By the time I get home from work in the evening, the goats are up from pasture and waiting for me to feed them.


the goats

I sometimes feel like I’m being watched.

Myson and Pretzel



After chores, there’s just a little time before I go back out to milk.  During this time, the sun sets.

The llamas are spending a lot of time out in pasture right now.  I hardly ever see them.

Aurora heading out to pasture

Joy and Zinnia want to know why it’s so dark when I come out to milk them.

I will be glad when the sun starts its journey back north.

Short Day Chores

19 Dec

With the cold weather and snow on the ground, I’ve been feeding full hay to the goats.  They aren’t even going out to pasture.  When I get home from work, I find them all waiting by the barn to get fed.

Well, except Litha.  She’s truly enjoying going in to get some sweet feed.


Of course, by the time I get her in the milk room everyone else thinks they should be going in to eat too.  They are not patient.

Everyone gets fed.

Xerxes waiting on his hay

Obviously after I was done with the rest of chores–it’s getting dark by then.

After Litha eats in the milk room, Dolly gets a turn.  Then my little poofy boy goes in to eat too.


I am still trying to figure out a good way for him to get to eat hay without being picked on.  It’s not easy.

Shut in the Love Shack pen with some hay

On this particular evening, the two little bucks happened to be last for me bringing them sweet feed.

Freddie and Tiger

They were really afraid I had forgotten them (I might have, but they had already had corn and hay given to them).

As soon as I got it for them, they were happy.



Although certain little ladies think it’s not fair they don’t get sweet feed too.

“Why am I not getting sweet feed? I’m special too.”  -Cupid

I generally have four or five of them swarming me when I feed the two boys.  When I’m feeding the whole herd, I have like fifty of them swarming me.  It’s a bit difficult. I’ll be glad when winter break starts and I can start chores sooner.