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Yard Work

20 Jul

As soon as I got back from vacation, I started back on trying to get my yard in shape.  It was so bad.  What I’ve been working on for the last week is cutting scrub mulberry bushes.  I might have forgotten to take before pictures.

You couldn’t see the bulk bin before I started.

I started in the driveway and made sure that my sweet Dolly goat got some as a treat.

Dolly munching on mulberry

I also had to prune my poor plum tree.  The drought killed off big limbs.  It is old for a fruit tree, and it has gotten so big and heavy that it has split.  I wanted to take a bunch of weight off to try and keep it going a few more years.  I have a couple of little trees that are coming up that I’m going to leave.  Later I’ll choose one to keep growing to replace my old plum.  It’s looking much better!

Sky looking at all the new yard space.

All of the stuff I cut has gone to the goat pen.  They like to help eat the leaves off.

My dog likes to harass the goats. Hard to see, but the whole herd is there.


Reva using it to scratch

Even the little ones join in.


Over the weekend, I was hauling the bare branches up to the burn pile, but Haley came up from pasture, and she’s not much for help, so I had to finish the next day.

Haley begging for sweet feed.

I’m still working on getting all the scrub trees cut out of the ditches.  Then I’ll move on to the next project.

It would help my allergies to get rid of this weed patch.

The grape vine needs to come down.  I have to prep the greenhouse to be torn down.

I’m not even sure what that is because there’s still so much left to do.

Red Neck Privacy Fence

17 Sep

I live in the country and want peace away from everyone else in the world.  I have a privacy fence.  No.  It’s not that repurposed dilapidated woven wire fence that keeps my Millie goat in the yard.



It didn’t do a very good job of keeping Stella in the yard when she was younger, but she’s old and slowed down, so it keeps her in the yard now too.



The privacy fence, though, is all those scrub trees growing in the ditch.

great pyrenees

They block my view of the road and make me feel like I’m truly in the middle of nowhere.  I kind of like it that way.

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