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A Friday Photodump

23 Dec

This post was supposed to be for last Thursday, but weather and other stuff interrupted it being posted, so I’ve added some more pictures, and we’ll call it good.


Pretzel was just perfect wearing the Santa hat.

The llama lladies in the barn.

Maybeline and Odie

Moose still checks the gate to the birds’ pen every day.  Brat. Although, he does actually act like a gentleman and open it for me sometimes.  He really does.


Ostara is pretty much letting me pet her all of the time.  And she really likes to come in the milk room; although, she is so much Boer I’m not sure she’d milk really well.


Zora is a bit calmer.  I can usually touch her while I’m out feeding everyone.  I’ll keep working on petting and petting more and hopefully, she’ll just settle down.  I can dream.


Cutie and Zinnia look so much alike I have a hard time telling them apart without actually paying attention.  It’s easier since I cut off Cutie’s beard because of the burrs.

Cutie and Zinnia–half sisters.

At least Ava is easy to tell apart with her black spot.


Popcorn–just because he’s so stinking cute.

Heidi was really good about wearing the hat too, but it was just too big for her.

Seriously, isn’t she cute?

I postponed Bob’s appointment for blood work because of the weather. It will still get done soon.

And we’ll close with the llama lladies out in pasture.

Odie and Maybeline

Have a great weekend!


21 Dec

Today is the shortest day of the year–Yule.

The sun sets in the far southwest corner of the farm.

It is a milestone I always mark with relief.  Even though I know the worst of winter is still to come, having more light in the day truly helps me get through.



The girls are bred and growing new kids for spring.


Moose (but he is not an angel)

It’s a time to pause and reflect and hope.


It was a hard no from Maybeline.

Yuletide blessings to you all. You’ll notice it’s also a time to slow down and play with the goats. I have one more day of work (if it isn’t cancelled), and then it will be a much needed break to spend more time with my babies.

Just Some of the Herd

20 Dec

There’s enough critters in the house that they seem like a herd anymore.


Bob decided my lap was the perfect place to nap. (with Salem, Rocky and Sky in the background)

He approves of the afghan.

Salem and Herbie

Rocky put himself under the blanket. Isn’t the couch/ottoman cover ugly?

sleeping Tiger

Sky is not happy that the new chair is too narrow and tall for him to sit on my lap.

Bob sleeping in front of one of the new throw pillows (I’m almost done with the living room)

I think he has a kidney issue going on. I might have to see about some blood work.

Love those gorgeous Rocky eyes!

Salem is the biggest kitten here.

I’m trying to get a decent picture of Santa Sky.

I’m not sure it’s going to happen, but I’ll keep trying.

And I really need to vacuum all the cardboard up from where Salem likes to shred the scratching boxes.